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Locatie Gerdesiaweg, Rotterdam
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Superleuke eerste les! Meteen een actieplan klaar om er vol in te gaan. Tot volgende week. :)

Anoniem Na 1 week les

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Was een erg leuke eerste les!

Jules Na 1 week les

Rocío Gil Fabregat RF
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Hallo! I am Rocío. After graduating on a master's of piano performance in Spain, I came to Rotterdam to develop my carreer as a pianist and performer. I am a Spanish and English speaker, so that's why my lessons will take place in any of these languages. Ik leer Nederlands, maar ik kan nog niet goed spreken :( 

As a classical pianist, I've delved deeply into the world of classical music, finding inspiration in the works of the great composers. While classical music is my forte, I've also drawn influences from a variety of genres, which have added depth and versatility to my musical style.

As a music teacher, my main objective is to highlight the same passion for music in my students that I have. I aim to provide a supportive and engaging environment where students can explore their talents and develop their skills. Apart from just getting good at the technical stuff, I aim to share the fun of expressing yourself through music, the value of staying committed, and the magic of telling stories with music.

I understand that every student is unique, and I'm dedicated to tailoring my approach to their individual needs and aspirations. My ultimate goal is to help my students unlock their potential, find their musical voice, and nurture a lifelong connection with this beautiful art form.

In my role as both a musician and a teacher, I look forward to help my students explore their passion for music and go on a fantastic musical journey together. We'll be all about creativity, inspiration, and the sheer joy of making music.

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Locatie Gerdesiaweg

This is my little studio, the place where we the private lessons will take place. It is a tiny and cozy room in my home, dedicated to piano and musical activities. The room is bathed in natural light, courtesy of a modest window, creating a pleasant and practical setting for our musical pursuits.

The centerpiece of this room is an upright piano. Learning to play on an upright piano is great for developing your skills and enjoying the music. It also helps you get ready for playing on different types of pianos, including grand pianos, by teaching you the skills and techniques to adapt easily. 

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Over the last 5 years, I've had the privilege of working in various academies and schools, sharing my music and teaching with children from 3 years old to adults. I have worked as a piano teacher, gave baby music lessons, accompany some choirs, play with orchestras and perform live with my own projects and other’s projects.

Through my piano lessons, I aim to create an enriching and supportive learning environment for my students. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps on the piano or a more advanced player looking to refine your skills, my courses are designed to cater to a wide range of expectations and goals.

For children, my objective is to make the piano experience enjoyable and not on strict formal teaching, so we can create a positive association with the instrument. Every child is unique, so we will adapt the lessons to suit the child's interests and to develop the playing. The primary goal is to nurture a love for music and the piano. 

For beginners (no matter the age), my courses provide an entry point to the world of music. I introduce students to the fundamentals of piano playing, teaching them how to read sheet music, understand musical theory, and develop proper techniques. I encourage them to explore their creative potential and build a strong foundation in music that will stay with them.

For intermediate and advanced students, my courses offer the opportunity to take your skills to the next level. We delve into more complex pieces, explore advanced techniques, and dive deep into the nuances of interpretation. My goal is to help students refine their playing and express themselves through their music, whether that's through classical compositions or other genres that pique their interest.

In my lessons, I'm committed to helping them achieve their musical goals, whatever they may be. Every student's journey is unique, and I take pride in tailoring my teaching approach to their individual aspirations and learning styles.

I look forward to sharing the beauty of classical piano and the world of music with my students! 

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