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With Suzana I have noticed that I feel at ease very quickly. She comes across as very positive, energetic and authentic. This works contagious and makes me feel more at ease. We immediately started singing songs of my choice not really spending much time on theory.


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Vriendelijk Enthousiast Gezellig

sound artist and songwriter

w e l c o m e   t o   m y   w o r l d !

I have studied music formally and informally for most of my life. Been classically trained initially, then in jazz and more recently in sonology. Currently active in the local jazz and experimental scenes of Rotterdam. Over the years, I’ve been profoundly transformed by the eclecticism of John Zorn and the writing of Carla Bley, as well as the multi-disciplinarity of Iannis Xenakis and Hedy Lamarr. If there’s anything I’d wish to impart to my students, that’d be an inexhaustible curiosity for exploration.

Hoe graag ik u ook lessen in het Nederlands zou willen geven, u moet weten dat mijn hele opleiding in Nederland in het Engels heeft plaatsgevonden, waardoor ik momenteel niet volledig in uw moedertaal kan. Ik hoop oprecht dat je me nog steeds je lessen toevertrouwt, want dan ben je in veilige handen: ik heb een bachelor- en een masterdiploma en ik treed al meer dan tien jaar op als jazz- en experimentele muzikant. Ik kan niet wachten om je te ontmoeten!


If you need to record your project, and you're new to this, then I'm your perfect match: having produced more than a year of original content for Radio WORM, I've acquired a deep understanding of the software you may need, as well as the plugins you may be able to afford presently.


Bring songs of your choice and let's improve your performance, starting with the technique that will keep your voice healthy and potentially wealthy. My expertise ranges from bel canto to jazz singing. 

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In these lessons we will be working on song structure and intent. What are the epiphanies you wish to deliver through the song form? Do you need the tools to escape a creative block? Are you worling on songs that could work better somewhat differently? I'm here for you.