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My name is Rosa Torres. I studied my bachelor in Barcelona and my masters at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in the speciality of clarinet performance.I am specialized in contemporary and classical music, but I am active in some ensembles and groups of other styles, like Klezmer music, Balkan, Gipsy, Brazilian, Jazz…

I have been teaching for more than 8 years. I have students of all ages and levels, so I adapt myself to the wishes and necessities of each one, accordingly to the style they like.

I believe in the necessity of applying new methods in musical education such as improvisation, jazz, World Music traditions and others. Everyone can improvise from the first day they play the instrument, but don’t panic! Improvising does not mean one has to be able to play something beautiful or interesting, is a way of enriching the relationship with your instrument knowing how it reacts in different situations.

If you need help in playing an instrument or with music theory, you are welcome to contact me. I can introduce you to play a new style, to improvise, to read scores and understand harmony to give sense and coherence to the music you want to play.

Course 1

The first lesson is made to know each other. First, I ask what the students’ tastes are and why they choose the clarinet. In addition, I have a list of very different music where the clarinet is the leading voice.

My purpose is to show how versatile and adaptable can the clarinet be. So, for the first lesson, the student only needs to bring an instrument, and if they want, something that represents them and why they like music. Then, I will give them some exercises adapted to the student to create resistance and improve their relationship with the instrument.

Finally, I will give them a song according to their instrument level.

Course 2

In the second lesson, we will start with some techniques and the song given in the first lesson. If we have time and the student wants, we will do some improvisation exercises. If the student doesn’t feel comfortable improvising, we will look for other creative ways through some scores, like changing the articulation, volumes and playing within a simple melody.

Course 3

I always like to start with a different warm-up exercise, like breathing exercises, long notes, special scales, etc. At the beginning of this course, we will practice the technique exercises given in the second lesson. The process of the lesson will be conditioned on how much the student has practised. If they haven’t had that time to practice, we will continue exploring the song given before or do more improvisation exercises/games.

I like to play always with my students, giving them a backing track to improvise above or to play some lovely duos. Also, I consider it very important to learn to create backing tracks (accompaniment for a melody) based on the possibilities of a melodic instrument.

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