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Les aan huis bij cursist (4251, 4266, 4701, 4714, 4731...)
Patrick Daniel PD
Les aan huis bij cursist (4251, 4266...)
€ 27,00
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Patrick Daniel is a classical pianist and organist studying at the Conservatorium of Tilburg. His path in music is highly unconventional, since he began piano at the age of 17. Beginning lessons with Prof. Dimitra Pasparaki and Diana Nagy in Greece, he makes considerable improvement. Afterwards he comes to the Netherlands and receives instruction by Leon Bak and Adelaide Bak as well as Sergei Edelman (his father was a student of Heinrich Neuhaus and Felix Blumenfeld, the teachers of Sviatoslav Richter and Vladimir Horowitz) and Rien Balkenende. Furthermore he teaches for a year at De Zeewse Muziekschool in Middelburg. Then after a successful audition he is admitted at the Conservatorium of Tilburg in the class of prof. Vitaly Samoshko (student of Leonid Margarius and winner of the 1999 Queen Elisabeth Competition). He has furthermore received masterclasses and instruction from Jelena Bazova, Nicolas Callot, Keiko Schichijo, Jean Claude van den Eynden, Bart Rodyns, Ruud Huijbergts and Piet Kuyken. He has taken part at the international piano masterclass in Debrecen (Hungary) at the class of  Dr. Gabor Farkas (Head of the piano faculty at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest and student of Zoltan Koscis as well as winner of two Franz Liszt international piano competitions in Budapest and Weimar.) He was accepted and invited to take part at the international piano masterclass in Katowice in July 2022 (Poland) under prof. Valentina Igoshina and prof. Anna Malikova. Additionally he has organ as his other major instrument and studies with Ruud Huijbregts (titular organist in Eindhoven).


I teach piano. This means i am available to teach for any genre of music. Nevertheless, the basis by which i begin to teach all of my students is classical music since it is the most secure foundation of good development. Then the student will find out that other genres are in fact usually more approachable. During this training nevertheless, i wish to always reward the student with pieces he/she would like to learn and play. At the beginning there will be a need for technical work (scales, chords, arpeggios etc) in order to become familiar with the geography of the piano. It would be a requirement to have a digital or acoustic piano. Lessons unfortunately are not fruitful otherwise. It would be an advice to make an agreement for a huurkoop system, to lease a piano at an affordable price (50-80 euros per month) in order to have a good instrument to play at a minimal cost and by the end of some years it is yours! 🙂 I could help with that search of course! Furthermore, i do prefer to come at the students location. I can teach beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Ik kan ook Nederlands praten aan een basis niveau, en met oefenen het gaat beter!

Lastly I can teach younger children, by using one of the principles of the Suzuki method, which is to teach always with one of the parents present. In that way I basically teach the parent who in turn teaches the child. I have found this to be the most effective method!

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You can see my experience of piano playing and performance at my introduction on top of the page.

It goes without saying I am a pianist by profession and not as a hobby or amateur. I therefore also take teaching this instrument very seriously and wish to only offer my best possible, when it comes to instructing my students!


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Before we can go into piano performance and learning one has to know, basic principles on how to hear pitch, count rhythm and know the language of music which includes harmony and notation.

These are all elements which I teach in my lessons, as they are the only proven way to ensured improvement!