Markos Mavromichalis

Gitaarles en muziektheorie in Rotterdam Delfshaven, Rotterdam Delfshaven en via videoles

My Story

My name is Markos Mavromichalis and I am a 3rd year BA student from Cyprus studying jazz guitar at Codarts. My musical Journey started at the age of 12 where I had my first guitar lesson. Later on, I got accepted to the music high-school of Limassol, Cyprus where I had both guitar and double bass as main instruments and at the same time I was a member of the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra as a Double bass player. At the age of 15 I got introduced to jazz music and it didn’t take long for me to decide on persuing this as a career. Few of my guitar influences that made a great impact on me are Gilad Hekselman, Lage Lund. Some other influences of mine are Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk and Wayne shorter.

One of my goals with any student from any musical background is to help them become aware of how things work in music while giving them structured lessons with each lesson having a goal.

Guitar Private Lessons

In addition to the performing lifestyle I also teach a variety of students with different levels and backgrounds. I also have successfully prepared a student with his jazz guitar entrance exams for the conservatories in the Netherlands. The goal with guitar lessons is to improve as a musician and be able to express it with the guitar. In order to understand this instrument we dive into learning our way around the fret-board , different techniques and more. Guitar is very versatile when it comes to how  to play, for example playing chords with just the pick, fingers or even both. All these can be another long term goal that can work on. Besides all the technical aspects, music can and should be enjoyable therefore I tend to apply the things discussed in the lesson on an actual tune almost every time.  All levels are welcome.

Music Theory Lessons

In the music theory lessons the goal is to gain a deep understanding and knowledge on how things work in the music world. We can also discuss how harmony and theory in general evolved throughout the years and all explore the possibilities that come along. All levels are welcome.

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