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Locatie Pieter de Hoochweg, Rotterdam
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Sometimes you play something really fast while i haven't gotten it down# but overall you were great

Jimmy Na 1 week les

Markos Mavromichalis MM
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My Story

Hello! I am Markos. I Obtained my BA from Codarts University of the Arts and I am currently a pursuing my master's degree. Originating from Cyprus, I embarked on a musical journey to the Netherlands, captivated by its vibrant music scene. Now based in Rotterdam, I am actively involved in performing and sharing my musical expertise through teaching.

My musical journey spans across diverse genres, including Jazz, Classical, Pop, and Rock. As a jazz artist, I delve into the profound essence of this genre, infusing my performances with a distinctive sound. Jazz, characterized by improvisation, demands a profound grasp of music theory, a solid rhythmic sense, advanced technique, and the ability to navigate the fretboard visually. While Jazz is my forte, my musical palette is enriched by influences from various genres, shaping my unique musical identity.

Teaching for me its not just learning more scales or chords, but a deep understanding of the instrument and the theory behind it. I aim to provide a supportive and engaging environment where students can explore their talents and develop their skills. I like to "keep my lessons structured" with each lesson having a goal whilst at the same time I strive to inspire and motivate students, creating an environment where they can genuinely enjoy the learning process.


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Beyond my passion for performing, I'm dedicated to guiding students of diverse backgrounds and skill levels on their musical journey. I have successfully prepared students with their conservatory entrance exams in the Netherlands for both jazz guitar and music theory.

The goal with guitar lessons is to improve our musicality and be able to express it with the guitar. In order to understand this instrument we dive into learning our way around the fret-board, different techniques and more. Guitar is very versatile when it comes to how to play, for example playing chords with just the pick, fingers or even both and I always welcome students to try any of these techniques. Besides all the technical aspects, music can and should be enjoyable so in general I encourage my students to choose songs to work on. All levels are welcome!

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Embark on a captivating journey into music theory with me! In our lessons, we'll start with the basics and progress to advanced concepts, exploring the fundamental building blocks of music like harmony, melody, and rhythm. Sessions are interactive, fostering a deep understanding of music. From deciphering notation to understanding chord progressions, each lesson makes accessible theory and enjoyable. Expect lively discussions, practical exercises, and creative exploration, delving into the historical evolution of musical concepts.

Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, these lessons cater to all levels. Join me for a dynamic and educational musical adventure, where each session promises an enriching experience. Let's unlock the secrets of music theory together and elevate your understanding of music!

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