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voor cursisten
€ 25,00


Locatie Oosterdokskade, Amsterdam
Kasparas Petkus KP
€ 25,00
per 30 min.


Hi! my name is Kasparas, I come from Lithuania to study music in the Netherlands. The language of my drum lessons will be English, but I am currently learning Dutch, looking forward to meeting you!

I was born in musicians family so music was very natural to me since I was little. I went to different music schools where I learned piano, singing, music theory, drums and different kinds of percussion instruments.  

I started my professional career when I was 16 in Lithuania\Klaipeda where I played with local musicians, bands and big bands. By the time I turned 20 I already had toured in some countries in EU with different artists. Eventually, I decided to move abroad and study at Conservatorium van Amsterdam where I got a lot of great knowledge, experience, I met many great musicians and bands (Amber Hunters, Johnny Biner trio, Roseye, Deborah Slijkhuis band, Dima loginov 5\7 elements, Shaggy Grays, Hiske, Candy Dulfer, Phillip Lassiter, Wojtek Pilichowski, Karl Frierson and many more) with whom I am happy to share the stages at this moment all around in EU. 

Together with performing live, I give drum lessons since I am 20 years old. I was working as a drum teacher at music school called "Grock" in Lithuania, Klaipeda, and I am teaching privately since I came to the Netherlands. 

I want to share the knowledge I received through this beautiful journey of music, I would love to inspire people to play drums, it is such a fun thing to do! 

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In my course we dive into whatever you like the most musically, anything that you want to improve or fix in your playing. Whether you like to dig into funky beats of James Brown, some more complex rhythms of jazz fusion, or the energetic rock drum parts, I am here to guide you through the process and achieve nice results! 

I create the program for each student individually according to their needs and track the progress by recording, writting down the notes, and giving constructive feedback - all with positivity and motivation! :) Here some of the specific musical aspects that we can work on:

  • Technique
  • Coordination
  • Dynamics
  • Sound
  • Balance
  • Rhythms, specific drum parts
  • Learning songs (forms, melodies, comping, arrangements)
  • Improvisation
  • Drum solo
  • Playing with live musicians (to be arranged before the lesson)
  • History
  • Reading sheet music

Some of more practical exercises we can use:

  • Playing along your favourite song (we can even remove drums and make it your drumless backing track)
  • Learning snare drum etudes, 
  • Create our own exercises,
  • Applying rudiments for the drum kit,
  • Practising orchestration, 
  • Odd meters,
  • Working with metronome
  • Keeping the tempo


Students of different levels are welcome! Minimum age 12 years old.







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