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Johnny Agisilaou





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Thuisstudio Schiemond, Rotterdam

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Had a very nice trial lesson. Even though he was busy an on tour, he made time to do the lesson. Started of well and immediately gave me stuff and tips to work on

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I got lessons from Johnny and really enjoyed his way of teaching. He's hands-on, patience and has attention to detail, but most importantly to me was that he paid close attention to the person that he was teaching and adjusts his teaching to that perfectly to make everyone motivated to learning.


Johnny is a great drummer with a lot of patience and resources to lead you through different ways for every problem you might encounter while learning new styles and repertoire. Hi lessons are always fun and dynamic so you'll never get bored! Highly recommended


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Hoi ! Mijn naam is Johnny en ik ben een drummer gemotiveerd en klaar om jou de mooie kunst van het drummen te leren. Ik ben afgestudeerd aan Codarts en doe momenteel mijn masters aan het conservatorium van Den Haag. Mijn Nederlands is niet het beste, maar ik sta open om Nederlands te spreken en te leren van mijn studenten.

My name is Johnny Agisilaou and I am a motivated drum teacher and a professional drummer. I have graduated at Codarts from the Latin department on drums. I am currently doing my masters at the Royal Conservatoire of the Hague on jazz drums. From the age of 10 I started listening to rock and from there onwards I wanted to become a drummer. Through my teenage years I got introduced with jazz and latin music and from the age of 15 I started playing this music. A major influence on my musical career was the playing style of Tony Williams, the drummer of Miles Davis. Some other influences of mine include drummers such as, John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Vinnie Colaiuta (Indipedent/Sting), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Marcus Gilmore, Michael Olivera (Alfredo Rodriguez Trio) etc. One of my biggest aims is to give to my students the ability to play all kinds of music in the future while mainly understanding the philosophy of jazz drumming. Jazz drumming techniques are “the classical” music of drums. Closing, I would like to make my students understand the great groove philosophy of latin music and find their own way in their musical process. I also love providing what the student calls for, so any kind of music that the student asks I will happily help them out.

Drum lessons

From my second year in Codarts I got my first students and from there on I love inspiring others through music and drumming.

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In my lessons the main goal for beginners would be for the student to understand the basics of drumming and create a clear view of the instrument through songs and any requested repertoire. Lastly I would focus on things such as drum techniques and coordination as well as timing.

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If you are already a bit experienced around the drums and you are looking for getting your technique better or looking for a different musical approach for your music, for the students who are intermediate level I would focus on technique, brushes playing, advanced coordination, odd time signatures and for them to schedule out their future path to a certain musical goal.


For the advanced drummers I would really focus on virtuoso snare etudes, advanced techniques and coordination, transcriptions from jazz drummers, sound and a very clear goal for their musical career and path.

Johnny Agisilaou drum teacher

Band coaching

If you are a musician that is in a band and its looking for guidance I would like to give you feedback and help you with your band goals. From the age of 15 I have been in numerous band and projects and I am currently active in 6 different projects at the moment. I can help you find your sound and expand your musical creativity with your band and take you to the goal you are aiming for through constructive and helpful feedback.



In my drumlessons I am always open to what my student needs in order for them to be creative and feel good about playing drums.