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Enda Joyce EJ

About me

Hi, I’m a musician and teacher from Ireland normally based in Rotterdam. I am currently abroad on an Erasmus as part of my masters so I can teach and provide classes online only. Physically I will be available from February 2023 to provide classes in-person in Rotterdam from my studio or at the students place if requested.

I’ve been playing the piano for just over 25years as I started at an early age. I have a Bachelor or Arts in Jazz and Contemporary Music and am currently studying a Masters in Music in Codarts, Rotterdam. I’ve previously lived in Ireland, Spain & Andorra. I speak English, Irish, Spanish and some basic German, I’m currently learning some basic Dutch.

I love to play many styles of music from Classical to Latin to Funk. I also work extensively as a composer and love to create music. I aim to give my students an enjoyable experience where they can also explore there own interests and inspirations, building on their abilities and improving their piano playing and group playing abilities. Most importantly I like to help students become confident with their instrument and find ways to make practice enjoyable. My classes are good fun, adaptable, easy to understand and quick to learn.

Piano Classical

This course is for those who wish to study classical music, or work on their sight reading and/or technical skills. Improve their piano skills overall.

If you want to learn how to play scales and chords and get confident with the instrument this is the class for you. This is a great option if you want to build up a good piano foundation.

For a trial lesson it would definitely be a good idea to bring some material, again to get an idea of the players level and find a good basis to work from. However I also have a variety of repertoire for all ages and levels to begin with if needed.

Piano Jazz

This course is adaptable and suitable for all types of players levels and ages. Ive many years experience teaching from kids as young as 4 years to teen and adults 60+. If you want to learn “the blues” or try out Jazz and see if you like it, this is the course for you. I can teach you how to play jazz chords and read Jazz Standard lead sheets.

If you are working on your Jazz repertoire, or want to improve your improvisation and understanding of the improvisation language this is a great place to start. We can work on many styles of jazz from: modal jazz, bebop, hard bop to modern contemporary. I’ve around 8years experience teaching all ages and levels.

For a trial lesson I would suggest a student bring anything that they like that they are working on regardless of the style, can be pop, jazz, classical, funk and we go from there. I think it’s a great way to first see where the student is at, strengths weaknesses.

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Guitar lessons

This course is for those of you who want to take up the guitar and learn chords, play bluesey stuff or to work on accompaniment for singing/songwriting.

I play guitar as second instrument and have roughly 10years experience playing the guitar and over 5 years teaching. My favourite guitarists are Kurt Rosenwinkle, Django Reinhardt and John Scofield. I can also teach sight reading or help you understand tabs.

An examples of me playing one of my guitar compositions: https://soundcloud.com/enda-joyce/some-people-say

Song Writing, Pop and Funk

This course if for those of you who wish to create their own music. I can help you make music, create lyrics, create a melody, apply that to chords either with guitar or piano.

I have been writing my own lyrics and music for many years, I like singers songwriters such as: Stevie Wonder, Nick Drake, Paul Simon, Amy Winehouse.