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Thuisstudio NDSM Treehouse, Amsterdam
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Thuisstudio Schiekade, Rotterdam

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Communicatief Vriendelijk Enthousiast Inspirerend Deskundig Ervaren Doelgericht Coachend Gezellig Verzorgdheid
Ik ben prima en vriendelijk ontvangen en de les was inspirend en begrijpelijk. Wel niet veel kunnen doen binnen de 30 min maar voor de rest ben ik tevreden.

laurence Na 1 week les

Communicatief Deskundig Inspirerend Coachend Ervaren Vriendelijk Enthousiast Didactisch Doelgericht
Hopeloos onderschat hoe moeilijk pianospelen eigenlijk is en het weer na 40 jaar op te pakken. Ze pakt dit heel goed op. Uitstekende professionele docent en geeft een heel nieuwe inzicht in muziekstukken. Raakt precies de goede snaar en ziet heel goed waar aan gewerkt moet worden. Erg motiverend. Ik heb geen verbeteringen.

Robert Na 15 weken les

Ervaren Deskundig
Experienced and willing to help you find the method that better suits you

Alejandro Na 1 week les

Communicatief Vriendelijk Didactisch Deskundig
Aangename eerste kennismaking. Professionele indruk. Goede leraar. Goed in communicatie

Robert Na 1 week les

Eigentijds Doelgericht Inspirerend

Joes Na 1 week les

Vriendelijk Didactisch Goed met kinderen
Daria is een zeer professionele muzieklerares. Daria kan dingen goed uitleggen en op een rustige manier die kinderen zeer goed begrijpen. Ik raad iedereen aan die piano goed wil leren om bij Daria les te krijgen omdat je dan weet dat ze goed en gedisciplineerd les krijgt.


Deskundig Didactisch Doelgericht
In short: she understands someone's wishes and background in music, and she prescribes techniques/methods accordingly. I had always wanted to learn and struggled to achieve hand coordination (since hand independence is too much for someone my age), but gave up on it until I took Dasha's lessons. Thx to Dasha, I've been able to play the first part of Waltz No. 2 by Dmitri Shostakovich after just a few lessons.


Didactisch Enthousiast Gezellig
I started taking piano lessons with Daria more than two years ago. The lessons have been very helpful to develop my technical skills as well as developing my ability to make music instead of just hitting the keys. It's a lot of fun learning how to play the piano with Daria, she creates varied and structured lessons with clear learning goals which allows me to make great progress as a pianoplayer.


Daria Fedorchenko DF
Deskundig Didactisch Vriendelijk
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€ 24,50
per 30 min.


I am a pianist and teacher coming from a Russian family rooted in musical pedagogy. I have been playing the piano since the age of 3. Born in Moscow and raised in Spain, I finished my master’s degree in piano performance in ArtEz Conservatorium under the guidance of Michail Markov, founder of the International Piano Competition for Young Musicians.

Due to my constant travelling, I speak flawlessly Russian and Spanish, being English my second language.  I also can teach in Dutch.

My main focus is classical music. I work with repertoire such as Bach, Schumann, Clementi, Beethoven, Bartok, Satie. Also I borrow influences from musical and film music Such as Yoshimatsu and Yiruma.

I have an outgoing character and I appreciate honesty and spontaneity as much as hard work and conscientiousness. If you are a parent and enjoy being involved in your child’s journey and development, you are welcome to join our lessons and even play together!

My main interests outside the classroom is fineart and consciousness, therefore I try to include my passion for both fields in a balanced way.

I am constantly improving my methodology, tailoring it to special needs. Always respecting the talent and creativity of my students. I make technique into an interesting game and help connecting to music in a deeper level. I use innovative tools and out-of-the-box solutions, especially with the young ones: we can drum, dance and integrate movement and meditation in our lessons.

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Piano lessons

Piano lessons for absolute beginners : Introducing auric training, rhythm and music structures while getting acquainted with the keyboard. Discover melodies and sounds in a playful way. Structured lessons with flexible content adapted to the student’s needs.

Piano lessons for young talents : Advance in small steps towards your pianism. Selected pieces to train and understand musical language and the keyboard while developing technique in an effective way. Preparation for educational programs (conservatorium, talentklas, music minors)

Piano lessons for seasoned musicians: Develop your own repertoire that serves your purpose. Are you looking for an alternative way of learning? Do you feel you plateaued in your technique? Do you want tools to create your own practice? This is your course.

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Music theory

Auric training, solfege, dictation, harmony.  All the requisites and details needed to pass exams.

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