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Thuisstudio Drievriendenstraat, Rotterdam

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Hai Na 1 week les

Ze gaf me de tijd om te laten zien wat ik al kon en gaf op basis daarvan advies waar op te letten met oefenen.

Anoniem Na 3 weken les

Vriendelijk Communicatie
Ángela knows what she's doing. As I am an autodidactic beginner, she was uncertain about how to name specific topics within my understanding. But her message definitely got through. I'm sure that with follow up lessons her understanding of what I know will make things easier.

Fernando Na 1 week les

Angela Conejo Mangas AM
Vriendelijk Communicatie
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Benefits of playing an instrument

The study of an instrument contributes to the acquisition of habits in individual study, improving attention, language, and memory. There is also a psycho-social benefit in musical practice, fighting stress, and generating a feeling of satisfaction. The meaning of this violin lessons is the use of different technical and musical resources, expanding the capacity for expression and personal autonomy. My name is Angela, and I’m from Andalusia, Spain. I have been playing violin since I was 8, and I studied my bachelor in Codarts in the Netherlands. Do you want to start playing the violin? Book your trial lesson today!


Keep Calm and Play Violin

Every lesson is adapted to the need of the student. I have experience with kids from 5 and adults of all ages. No experience is necessary, classes are relaxed and fun! If you have a background on the instrument, but you did not feel motivated enough in the past, it is time to take it back. It is never too late to play the violin. With a proper method, everybody can learn and instrument, I will teach the basic techniques of the bow and violin posture and musical skills to be able to play songs as soon as possible.

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