Yunah Han

Muziektheorie en pianoles in Amsterdam Amsterdam-Noord en via videoles


Yunah Han is Busan-born(South Korea) and Amsterdam-based pianist, composer. Her works are contemporary modern jazz, cross-over, and progressive/experimental music. Also she participated as a sideman in various projects, showing her openness and versatility to various genres. She is working with a producer in studio (Hilversum). Furthermore, she is making works with dancers for experimental free improvisation. She loves to make a music with diverse artist.

Piano lessons

Making music together is one of the wonderful ways to feel the music. I enjoy sharing music ideas with students what they think and letting them think another way.  I have been teaching for 10 years from 3 to 65 years old so I have a lot of different disciplines. Students can become memorize all phrases using their intuition. I love to encourage them to develop their musical potentials. Music can be the mean of helping to focus matters as well.

For a beginner (5 -7 years)

Befriend with piano through the simple kid song.

Without a paper/music sheet, kids can memorise all the note names.

There will be small exercises with body movement.

All music genres (pop song, classic, jazz, etc) will listen together and feel it.


Reading skills will be based on classical pieces such as Carl Czerny, Muzio Clementi

Learning chord names, making their own music (with voice), and transcript melodies which he/she likes.

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