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Thuisstudio Margrietstraat, Arnhem
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Valeryia Hrabliuk VH
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Hello, I’m Valeryia, and I’ve been playing the violin for over 20 years! I have a deep passion for music and enjoy connecting with people, especially children, which led me to teaching.

I believe that 5 years old is an ideal age to start learning the violin. Personally, I began at 8, but I also know individuals who started at 16 or even later, and I appreciate each unique journey!

In my lessons, we cover the fundamentals of violin playing, delve into music theory, practice piano skills, and enhance ear training through exposure to great performers. Learning with me is always engaging and enjoyable!

I always help my students find the right instrument to play and give lessons at my studio in Arnhem, online, or through workshops nearby. Book your trial lesson now and embark on your musical journey with me!

Als een leerling van de Nederlandse taal geef ik ook les in het Nederlands :) English and Russian are the easiest languages for me to speak, but I individually prepare each lesson to ensure it won't be boring!

online lessons are fun online lessons are fun
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