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Thuisstudio Teilingerstraat, Rotterdam
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Piero Conte is an amazing musician and a brilliant teacher. He customizes the lessons based on my needs and curiosities. He has a wide knowledge of the instrument and of the music theory, especially harmony. He is really good at teaching and making the musical theory accessible and familiar. That is really helpful to keep the lessons very practical and fascinating. One of Piero’s main virtues is patience, and I would recommend him as a teacher to whomever wants to improve their musical skills in a professional yet enjoyable way.


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Piero Conte is an awesome guitar teacher. He makes learning songs fun and practical, focusing on playing and then moving into theory. What's great is he goes deeper into different music topics while working on songs. His patience makes it easy for anyone to enjoy improving their guitar skills with him. I highly recommend Piero for a fun and practical way to get better at playing the guitar.


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Greetings, I'm Piero Conte, a musician from Rome, now based in Rotterdam. My journey began in Rome's vibrant club scene at age 16, and it continued with formal music studies at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome and Codarts conservatory in Rotterdam.

My music journey draws inspiration from iconic figures like Jimi Hendrix and the revolutionary '60s era, which profoundly shaped my rock playing style. Hendrix's innovation and energy continue to influence my music. Also the band Radiohead was very important to me and acted as a bridge into the world of electronic music, enriching my creative palette. My academic journey led me to a deep exploration of jazz and related genres like soul, gospel, and hip-hop. Jazz's improvisational nature and harmonic complexity have added depth to my musical expressions.

I want to tell you about my time as a teacher. In Rome, I tought at a cool private school for two years. My students were a mix of kids and grown-ups, all super excited to learn. A highlight for me was teaching to students preparing for the Conservatory: Saint Louis School of Music. We did group lessons and courses to help them with their Bachelor's in Music. Being part of their musical journey was amazing.

Since I moved to The Netherlands 5 years ago, I'm teaching privately and applying the techniques I’ve learned in the music education course at Codarts. I did those classes during Covid which made me gain experience in online group and individual lessons. Every part of my teaching story has added something special—a mix of experiences that come together to make a great story. I'm excited to bring this passion and experience to my teaching here. Thanks for having me!

In my lessons, I'll share these experiences, helping you explore rock techniques inspired by Hendrix, blend genres like Radiohead, and delve into the intricate world of jazz. Join me to ignite your own musical journey and creative spark.

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Hello everyone! I've started playing guitars thanks to the guitar legend of the 60's such as Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page, later on I developed a great passion for electronic music, nu-soul/modern gospel, jazz and west-african music. 

In this class we'll unravel all the secrets of the Electric guitar: from the very basic to an advanced level. This class is mainly intended for sutdent who want to apply for an entrance exam in a conservatory but it's open to all guitar lovers. 

I prepared a fixed program for this lesson (based on the preparatory courses for conservatory admissions) but I believe that one of the most important aspect of music is that you can truly learn only if you are able to build your own practice method therefore you can choose to make your own custom program. 

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This course is addressed to beginner creative producers who wants to get the hang of how to produce a recording. I'm not a fully trained producer so I won't be able to show the secrets of mixing but I did produce a few recordings in my life and the main focus of the classes will be on give a precise and concrete artistic direction to your music/productions. So if you have some tunes sketches or you are working on a record I'll be kind of mentoring you through out the process, including how to publish and promote your record in nowadays industry. 

Here's a link to 2 recordings I've produced: RBSN (co-produced with Luca Gaudenzi & RBSN) Antares Flare (composition and Production)

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In this class we'll focus on how to approach music theory starting from the Ear Training. While growing up and studying to become a musician I struggled trying to keep my hearing skills at the same level of the theoretical ones. In this class I'll teach you how to "remember" learn about specific sounds and then contextualize through the help of theoretical harmonic concepts. As well as for my guitar course, I'll be presenting you a certain program but you can always decide to make your own custom one. 

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