Patrycja Skowrońska

Pianoles, Celloles




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Thuisstudio Lange Hilleweg, Rotterdam
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Communicatief Vriendelijk Coachend Geduldig Goed met kinderen Gezellig Ervaren
Ik vond haar wel goed.

Carina Na 1 week les

Vriendelijk Gezellig Enthousiast Communicatief Goed met kinderen
Patrycja is een goed muziek docent. Zij geeft aandacht aan de leerling en duidelijk lessen en oefeningen, waarbij ik merk dat mijn kind met plezier piano leert spelen.

Thania Na 2 weken les

Het is een goede docent die goede begeleiding geeft.

Anoniem Na 4 weken les

Patrycja Skowrońska PS
Vriendelijk Communicatief Goed met kinderen
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€ 22,50
per 30 min.
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Hello everyone. If you love music and I've always dreamed of trying to play an instrument. I will be more than happy to share my knowledge and experience with you. My goal during the lessons is always to make sure my students are having fun while they're learning.

Hallo allemaal. Als je van muziek houdt en ik heb er altijd van gedroomd om een ​​instrument te bespelen. Ik deel graag mijn kennis en ervaring met jou. Mijn doel tijdens de lessen is altijd om ervoor te zorgen dat mijn studenten plezier hebben tijdens het leren.

My name is Patrycja, I come from Poland, that’s where I started my adventure with the cello when I was 5 years old. When I first saw this beautiful instrument I fell in love immediately!!! A year later I started my education at a music school where I continued my studies for the next 12 years. My knowledge and education was enlarged in the field of playing the cello and piano. Much of the time was also dedicated to ear training, music history, and subjects related to music theory. In 2015 I decided to continue my education at Codarts University (Rotterdam). There I completed my bachelor’s degree together with an additional 2-year course on music education. At the moment I am finishing my Master studies.I have a lot of experience not only as a teacher but as well  as a performer on the stage. Also, I am actively involved in further education in the field of teaching.

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Course offering

During my lessons, I like to give space and freedom to my students. I let them cultivate their interests and passions, and from that I start building a unique program that can fit them the most. I want everyone to enjoy their lessons and follow their passion for music. My goal is helping you to get the “tools” for working by your own, so when you are at home, without waiting for the next lesson, you can experiment with your favorite song or whatever you just want to try. Part of the lesson is always dedicated to make music together, like playing in a duet or even in a trio. So, you will have a great opportunity to learn and experience music together, as well as learning the basic theory of music in a friendly and accessible way. Two to three times a year, I organize a concert for my students where they can express their self on the stage. As well as sharing their passion with family and friends. If you decide to come to one of my lessons, I will be very happy to help you, and share with you my love for music.

Cello lessons: all levels

Violin lessons: basic level (working with children)

Piano lessons: basic Intermediate

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I've been playing the piano since I was 10 years old. It was my second instrument to learn next to the cello. I have 5 years of experience teaching mainly young children and teenagers. I teach my own method, which in a short time allows everyone to enjoy playing the instrument. I have a friendly approach and focus on helping my students understand and enjoy the music. My goal is always to make sure my students are having fun while they're learning.

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As a cello teacher, I always try to pass on my passion for music to my students. Of course, they will learn how to read sheet music and all the other technical aspects of playing the cello. However, most importantly, they will also be able to choose what pieces they want to play. Each part of the lesson is also about making music together, for example by playing in a duet. This way, students can develop their playing skills with others.

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