Nikos Charalambous

Gitaarles, Songwriting, Basgitaarles, Ukeleleles, Pianoles


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Thuisstudio De Sillestraat, Den Haag
Nikos Charalambous NC
Den Haag
€ 24,50
per 30 min.


Nikos is a guitar player born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1991. He started with guitar around the age of 16 and was mostly self-taught at that time. He initially surrounded himself with Rock/Metal music, built his own band while composing his own songs and eventually started performing in Rock clubs and festivals around the island.

​Gradually the musical search moved into Jazz and the improvisational aspect of music. In 2013 he enrolled himself in ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem where he obtained his Bachelor degree in Jazz & Pop Guitar Performance. ​Through this time, besides leading his own groups with original compositions, being a side-man for various projects within Jazz, Pop and Free Improvised Music he has also performed for dance, film and art productions in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

​After completing his Master’s degree on Jazz guitar at Codarts Rotterdam, he continues to compose new material and develop further in his musical journey with various band formations.

Educational Material:

Nikos can provide material on various topics. Some of those include:

  • Guitar Technique – From scales, chords, arpeggios, sight reading, to fingerings, picking/plugging methods, speed and accuracy. Rhythm – Timing precision/freedom, polyrhythms, odd meters and coordination.​ Theory, Harmony and Composition – Using examples from Classical to Pop and Jazz music to learn how to use harmony in a functional but yet free and creative way. ​Improvisation – How to improvise melodically over different chords schemes but also broader aspects such as building and breaking tension waves and telling an artistic story. Band coaching and group lessons. Simple and fun song learning!!
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Other courses:

Lessons on Piano, Electric Bass and Music Production on DAW can be provided on a beginner level


From scales, chords, arpeggios, sight reading to fingerings, picking/fingerpicking methods, speed and accuracy


Song analysation, ear training, creative ideas, lyrics


Fingerings, scales, grooves, playing with a a band


Learning your favourite songs, fingerings, chords, scales, improvisation


Simple chords, accompaniement, fingerings