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Matej Lackovic ML
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My name is Matej Lacković. I am a classical guitarist from Slovenia. My personal motto in music is,

“Clear conveyance of musical thought through instrument comes from a clear mind”. 

I believe that music resides in all of us, which can be brought to light with proper training and intention. Playing instrument is an art. However, being able to understand – and bring forth whatever music and musical expression resides in us, is a masterpiece. I will be here to help you catch that!

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I have been privileged to embark on a journey of becoming a professional musician I am today. I have been studying classical guitar since I was as little as 6. Today, after more than two decades, I have gathered the knowledge of classical music on several EU institution of higher musical education:

  • Academy of Music, Ljubljana (SLO) LUCA, School of Arts, Leuven (BE) Royal Conservatoire The Hague (NL)

More so, enriching my passion through many international seminars and masterclasses – with renowned and esteemed musicians allowed me to deepen the understanding of music, connect my intention with execution, and provide me with even greater enjoyment.

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I have more than two years of teaching experience, where I had a privilege of tutoring more than 20 pupils, ranging anywhere from 6-20 years old. In addition, I have been teaching music theory and harmony as well, which is important factor of understanding the working mechanisms of  – and act as a pillars to support overall musical context.

During my classes, I use fluent teaching method, where I take into the consideration student’s wish on the program and what he/she would like to learn. Communication means a lot to me, so I will be always eager to hear

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Classical Guitar

I will guide you throughout this course to learn different techniques, approaches, and styles of playing on the guitar. The main goal is to provide you with tools, which will enable you to express the music in engaging, loosened and non-strained manner. You will be learning all about:

  • Sound Textures Right, left hand technique Reading Interpretation Harmonization

We will work on the pieces of music YOU like. It can range and vary throughout different stylistic periods – anywhere from Baroque, Renaissance, Classic, Romantic, Modern – all the way to Contemporary music. I normally use learning materials that include:

  • Studies (Giuliani, Sor, Carcassi) Etudes from (Lobos, Brouwer, Tárrega, Sor) Scales Technique drills and exercises

The requirement for one-to-one lesson is your own guitar. I can provide the material, which will be selected in accordance to your wishes. For those extra motivated – you can also bring your own pieces of music, which we will then work on!

Matej Lacković Matej Lacković

Acoustic guitar

Whether rock, pop – or just simple tunes, we can start our journey with learning different plucking techniques, accompanied with various strumming techniques. We will work on chords, learn about harmonic substitutions and ways of finding your own interpretation.

I can provide the material, so I am looking forward to hear what kind of music you like to listen today!

Music Theory and Harmony

Music theory will be provided throughout both aforementioned courses, as it is important to be aware of various building blocks that create music. That is why I try to incorporate music theory on existing songs/pieces we are working on, where I can maximize clear and valuable connection to all of my students. This will include:

  • learning about Musical Notation (pitch, duration) Rhythm and Metrum Analysis Harmony (pitch, harmonic progression, melodic line, accompaniment, voicing, intervals, chords) Solfège (great way of connecting to the music is through singing) learning about different Genres, Techniques Dynamics