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Thuisstudio Spechtstraat, Rotterdam
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Luz Dominguez LD
€ 22,00
per 30 min.


Hello! My name is Luz Dominguez. I am a singer, and I teach singing using the Rabine Method and the Alexander Technique. The Rabine Method is a vocal technique and pedagogy, and the Alexander Technique is a method developed to improve posture and the way we use our bodies.MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE VOICE:Singing has been a lifelong passion for me, but I used to be quite shy and introverted. I was afraid to sing in front of others, even though a part of me longed to do so. At the age of 15, I began taking singing lessons to create a safe space for myself to sing, where only my teacher would listen. Slowly, I started performing live and began to truly enjoy it. However, over time, I encountered difficulties with my vocal technique, and my enjoyment of singing faded. After an extensive search for the right teachers to help me overcome these challenges, I discovered the Alexander Technique and the Rabine Method. That's when my journey towards progress and joy truly began.ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE AND THE RABINE METHOD:The Alexander Technique teaches people how to reduce general body tension and move in harmony with their body's mechanics, paying close attention to the spine and joints. Within just three months of weekly lessons, I noticed improvements in both my posture and my voice. I came to understand that the vocal system is intricately connected to the entire body, and singing could be a harmonious experience for both my mind and my body. This newfound joy inspired me to help others in the same way, leading me to become an Alexander Technique teacher.Around the same time, I also discovered the Rabine Method, an exceptional vocal technique with a profound understanding of the phonatory system and a clear pedagogical approach that caters to individual student needs. It is centered on recognizing the unique learning process of each student and determining what they are ready to absorb.Through my lessons, my goal is to transmit the joy and happiness that singing can bring. I hope my students will learn to focus on the learning process and be surprised by the results. My teaching approach doesn't solely prioritize outcomes; it values the joy of the journey to get there. I firmly believe that everyone can sing because we all possess the same vocal system. The key lies in training and developing awareness of our current abilities so that we can work with what we bring to each lesson.MY EXPERIENCE WITH STUDENTS:I have worked with a diverse range of students, including those who:- Initially struggled to sing in tune but made great improvements in less than a year.- Were once extremely shy and introverted but experienced a boost in confidence and joy while singing in front of me.- Were musicians with their own bands but lacked knowledge on how to care for their vocal cords during performances.- Simply needed a supportive space to unleash their expressiveness and relish their voices.- Had unpleasant experiences with previous teachers who crashed their confidence.- Didn´t like their own sound due to a disorganized technique


Dear future student:

Every lesson will be adapted to your needs. The main objective is to improve the use of your voice, in order to get a freer and more flexible voice. This will allow you to play more with volumes, articulation, tuning and expressiveness while keeping your voice healthy. We will explore with vocalizations, (to warm up the voice and train tuning in case it is necessary), movements (in order to facilitate the vocal function) and repertoire (songs) to apply the learned skills and play with them.

If my availability does not fit your schedule please send me a message, most of the times I can find a space in my agenda since it`s quite flexible.If there is anything else I did not mention here your are welcome to send me a message.

I hope we have an amazing time together!

Thank you for reading!

Luz Dominguez

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- Begginers and Intermediate

- Harmony

- Melodic and rhythmic dictation

- Chords recognition

- Introduction to the piano as a tool to learn. 

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  • Each class lasts 45/60 minutes.
  • It is suggested to bring comfortable clothes that allow free movement.
  • Suggested age is 15 upwards.
  • There is no need to bring any instrument or extra material.
  • Bringing a list of songs you may like to sing is always welcome.