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Luz Dominguez LD
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Hello! My name is Luz Dominguez. I  am an Argentinian singer, vocal coach and certified Alexander Technique teacher. The Alexander Technique is a method developed to improve posture and the way we use our body.


Singing has been a part of me my whole life, I have always loved it but I was really shy and introvert. I was afraid to sing in front of other people, but a part of me wanted to. At the age of 15 I started taking singing lessons to create my safe place to sing where nobody besides the teacher would listen. I had a beautiful experience with a kind and patient teacher who allowed me to express myself. I started performing live and enjoying it pretty much. Eventually I developed a need to expand my vocal register but in time I learned that my teacher did not have the tools to help me. At 19 I started my professional singing carreer at EMBA (Buenos Aires Music School) and at the same time started with a new private teacher who I thought would help me with my voice. Unfortunately, not only she did not help me, but she made matters even worse.What is more, I did not have the tools or intuition to listen to my body and in time I developed a lot of bad habits that interfered with my voice. My voice was loosing quality and accumulating so much tension that singing was no longer enjoyable.


That is when I found the Alexander Technique. In three months of taking weekly lessons my posture started improving, and so did my voice. I discovered that the vocal system is connected to the whole body and a complete different way of using my voice appeared. I discovered that singing could be pleasant and my body could feel great with that. That is why I decided to pause my music studies to train to be an Alexander Technique teacher. I wanted to help others the way it helped me. At the same time I found the  Functional Voice Pedagogy (Rabine Method), an amazing vocal technique that has an holistic view of the person. It is about listening to the student’s needs and giving what they are ready to receive. It is based on respect and focused on the learning process of each individual.

With these lessons I hope I can transmit the joy and happiness that singing can give. I hope my students learn how to focus on the learning process and be surprised by the results. My lessons will not be focused in mere results but in the joy of the process to get there. I believe everyone can sing since we all have the same vocal system, it is just a matter of training and becoming aware of our actual state, so we can work with what we bring to the lesson each day.


I have worked with people who:

  • Could not sing in tune and seen them improve greatly in less than a year.
  • Where very shy and introvert and seen them get sparks of confidence and joy while singing in front of me.
  • Musicians who had their own band but did not know how to take care of their vocal chords on stage.
  • Just needed a safe place to allow their expressiveness to emerge and enjoy their voice.



Dear future student:

Every lesson will be adapted to your needs. The main objective is to improve the use of your voice, in order to get a freer and more flexible voice. This will allow you to play more with volumes, articulation, tuning and expressiveness while keeping your voice healthy. We will explore with vocalizations, (to warm up the voice and train tuning in case it is necessary), movements (in order to facilitate the vocal function) and repertoire (songs) to apply the learned skills and play with them.

If my availability does not fit your schedule please send me a message, most of the times I can find a space in my agenda since it`s quite flexible.If there is anything else I did not mention here your are welcome to send me a message.

I hope we have an amazing time together!

Thank you for reading!

Luz Dominguez

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  • Each class lasts 45/60 minutes.
  • It is suggested to bring comfortable clothes that allow free movement.
  • Suggested age is 15 upwards.
  • There is no need to bring any instrument or extra material.
  • Bringing a list of songs you may like to sing is always welcome.


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- Begginers and Intermediate

- Harmony

- Melodic and rhythmic dictation

- Chords recognition

- Introduction to the piano as a tool to learn.