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Gitaarles, Muziektheorie, Songwriting, Compositieles, Ukeleleles


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Thuisstudio Watertorenweg, Rotterdam
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Deskundig Inspirerend Ervaren
Junhyung An is my guitar teacher since more than 4 years. My former teacher recommended and introduced Junhyung An to me as a very competent and capable musician and teacher, who could give guitar lessons “on a much higher level than myself”. I am indeed lucky to have obtained the opportunity to become a student of Junhyung An. Since the beginning of the lessons, Junhyung An is excellently anticipating on the knowledge and capabilities of my level and progress. During the sessions, I can trust on his well-balanced mixture of lecture subjects which always lead to new insight – I rarely left the lesson without knowing that I have learned something really interesting. Almost always, Junhyung An picks up questions raised or problems he discovers when playing, and integrates these fluently into his lessons. Being an assistant professor at the University of Rotterdam, I am experienced with teaching tasks and have teaching skills and qualifications. With this knowledge I can certainly confirm Junhyung An’s excellent teaching and personal qualities. Being a passionate Jazz music lover, I can also confirm from my heart his professionality, his astonishing repertoire of styles he plays and the many techniques he masters, not only during guitar lessons, but also during various live performances I was attending.


Deskundig Didactisch Doelgericht Ervaren
Elektrische gitaar heeft me altijd gefascineerd en nadat ik met pensioen ging, wilde ik er meer van weten. Omdat mijn muzikale ervaring heel hoog is, zocht ik een leraar die het liefst de diepte en finesse van het muziek maken, zoals ik die mijn hele leven professioneel ervaren had, zou evenaren. Het CV van Junhyung An sprak me aan omdat daar een gedegen professionaliteit uit sprak. Ik ben nu een jaar verder. Junhyung An is als leraar van alle markten thuis gebleken. Hij weet op het juiste momenten te sturen en op de juiste momenten ruimte te geven. Als leraar beweegt hij soepel mee terwijl hij toch aan het roer blijft staan. Zijn kennis van de gitaar en technieken is uitmuntend. Junhyung An weet ook muzikaal materiaal te vinden dat precies de juiste uitdaging in zich heeft. Zijn lessen geven me veel plezier en zijn muzikaliteit en vakmanschap op het instrument zijn een grote stimulans an sich.


Junhyung An JA
Deskundig Ervaren Inspirerend
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Gitaarles in Nederlands en Engels

Beste gitaarstudenten, ik spreek Nederlands tot een bepaald niveau waardoor ik in staat ben lessen te geven in het Nederlands. Engels is echter mijn voorkeurstaal.

Who I am

Hi There! My name is Junhyung An (a.k.a my artist name, JUNA), originally from South Korea. I first started to play piano at the age of 7 for 4 years. During this period, I collected fundamental musical tools and instrumental insight. Later, I found the bigger and incomparable passion in guitar at the age of 15. At the age of 18, I came to the Netherlands to study jazz guitar performance at Codarts, Rotterdam conservatory. While I was studying at Codarts, at the age 20, I won a prize from the “Dutch guitar award” (DGA, a.k.a SENA guitar competition).

Through the study period of bachelor and master program at Codarts, I have been simultaneously performing world-widely with various music projects. Along side of my career as a performing guitarist, I’ve been also running my own private music classes and collaborating with Dutch music institutes.

After my master graduation, I was accepted as a doctoral (PhD) researcher candidate at the Orpheus institute (Gent, Belgium) and Academy of creative and performing arts department in Leiden university. My research focuses on translating Korean traditional musical instruments’ articulation techniques and re-embody into contemporary jazz guitar playing method.

Currently, I am carrying on duo project with a Dutch masterful virtuoso pianist, Bert van den Brink among other projects. Simultaneously, I have been producing soothing-ambient guitar music for my audiences while also I collaborate with music producers from the world of EDM, Pop, Rock, Ambient music, etc.

Through his composing, his special way of playing and great musicality, he is moving a stone in the water ᅳ Bert van den Brink, a Dutch virtuoso pianist

I dare, from the bottom of my heart and with full conviction, that Junhyung An is a very special musician of world class – Wim Timmermans, former French hornist of Metropole Orchestra

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What I hope to give to my students

Over longer than a decade time, I’ve developed testified methods to help guitarists in many different ways. I am specialized in technical coaching, enlarging chordal vocabularies, developing insight mastery on fretboard, Improvisation methods, harmonies and voice leadings, rhythm and groove mastery, extended techniques, bridging between theories and practical playing among other things.  (You can visit my YouTube channel to see the use of these factors in my music)

Further, I’d like to convey methodology regarding how to practice and how to develop the audibility to understand this art that we call “music” to my students.  Learning few songs, sure, I can confidently assist you for that too. I’d be very glad to do it. However, if you are wishing to make improvement that becomes your asset on guitar and music more in general sense , I will guide you with my passion to make sure that you achieve what you want.

There are collected repertoires that I personally chose for each level of playing and focal task. Besides that, I always love to take each student’s favorite songs to carry the practice around.

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Beginners, Don’t Worry! Don’t be afraid!

Even though I have experiences and joy of educating future professional guitarist and current students of conservatory, (and even few faculty members of music school in Korea), this doesn’t mean that I don’t accept or enjoy teaching beginners. During my working period in Amsterdam guitar academy for several years as well as at Delft TU-X, the majority students that I helped were beginners. Some of my private students who have studied with me for several years came once as beginner.

So please don’t worry about your current level. I can help with any level of students. Let’s cultivate your talent to make something great out of it!

How does a lesson look like

Most of the lessons start off with checking up the progress on what students are currently working on, with the assignment from the previous lesson. After having discourse and giving tips, presenting guidelines regarding to the topic, for the 2nd part of the lesson, we will usually go into the selected repertoire that you are working on. You are free to record part of the lesson with your phone. You can always request me to repeat certain part of lesson to film, so you won’t forget the important point. From each lesson, I will indicate a small assignment that I wish you to practice in your free time. For the complete beginner, it could be proper to take 30 min lesson. After a month or 2, I’d like to recommend for 45 min or 60 min lessons to accelerate the progress.

I am a Dutch permanent residency holder; meaning, I have passed the integration course therefore I do speak some level of Dutch. But mostly I lead my classes with English (or Korean, possibly). I’d like to mention that I’ve never encountered with linguistic problem during my career as an educator. Music is universal language and there is always a way to learn about guitar.

The lessons will take a place at a studio in Watertorenweg, Rotterdam. I also have a secondary teaching space in Schiedam that is about 10 min walking distance from Schiedam centrum train station.