Julian Escobar





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Thuisstudio Prinsegracht, Den Haag
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Julian  Escobar JE
Den Haag
€ 22,00
per 30 min.


Julian Escobar is a versatile Colombian drummer and composer. He is pursuing a bachelor in Jazz drums, at the Royal conservatoire of the Hague.  

He started playing drums at five, as soon as he received his first drum kit. From that moment he followed drum lessons. He is very curious about improvisation, and that was one of the reasons why he decided to study jazz. He wants to teach because he likes helping students to learn the instrument. He is passionate about drums, and aims at sharing this passion with more people and to enrich their playing and understanding of drums.


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I divide my teaching into different components. For instance in three groups: technique, genres and repertoire, and improvisation/Vocabulary.

I am open to know what is the purpose of the students, what do they want to learn, and give direction to it through abilities and knowledge in these three groups. 

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