Evelina Argyrou

Pianoles en muziektheorie in Utrecht Noord-Oost


I am a 25 year old Greek pianist and I have been living in the Netherlands for the last couple of years. I started teaching children and adults individually as well as in groups 8 years ago. According to your preferences we can create a lesson structure which combines technique and theory (chords, scales, harmony) but also repertoire that you enjoy and love. It is really important to be able to maintain your skills but enjoy the music the most as well .

The piano is a wonderful tool to express yourself and your emotions by playing music.

From the first lesson the student will start making music. Getting familiar with the instrument and its mechanism, learning some basic rhythms, getting more familiar with listening skills and using them in simple melodies .. Learning how you can play with the right , relaxed posture which will help you avoid future pains and miscomforts.

I can happily tailor the lessons to suit your skill level and personal taste !

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