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Enrico is een hele lieve muziekleraar die je direct op je gemak stelt. Ik ben volledig onervaren en op mijn 28e vond ik het toch eng om eraan te beginnen, Enrico stelde me meteen op mijn gemak en heeft me veel uitgelegd en toonde daarnaast ook veel interesse in wat ik graag wil kunnen en op welk niveau ik ongeveer wil zitten. Daarnaast geeft hij goede coaching en zorgt hij dat jeje niet hoeft te schamen als je de fout in gaat. Kortom een hele fijne drumleraar die ook nog eens gezellig is om les van te krijgen!

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Hele prettige muziekleraar die je goede verder helpt!

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Enrico Antonio  Locci EL
Enrico Antonio
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Hey allemaal! Ik heet Enrico en Ik spel drums en percussie. Ik kom uit Italie maar ik woon in Rotterdam al drie jaar.

Mijn Nederlands is heel eenvoudig maar ik doe elke dag mijn best om het een beetje te verbeteren. Je zou me kunnen helpen mijn Nederlands te verbetern!

How many times did you play your favourite song’s drum beat on your desk or on your kitchen table?

I’m sure in that moment you wished you could do that on a real drum set!Are you ready to learn that rhythm and to play it with your friends?You could be the next drummer on stage!

I’m here to grant your wish!

Hey...are you thinking you are to old for this?Absolutely not!Music doesn’t have boundaries and it’s never too late to start drumming!

In case you want to know a bit more of my musical background…

Actually I’m performing as a drummer in the National Jazz Jeugd Orkest for the project “NJJO Goes Mambo featuring Maite Hontele” under the artisitc direction and conduction of the Dutch Trumpetist Maite Hontele. In the last two years I’ve been focusing on Latin music, especially Afro-Cuban music, with a major concern towards Latin Jazz and Salsa. In the last two years I had the chances to perform with diverse ensembles in different dutch festivals and venues such as North Sea Jazz Festival, Dias Latinos, Bimhuis, LantarenVenster, De Doelen, Theater Zuid-Plein, Ground and New Ground.

During my whole academic career in Italy, Poland and Belgium I had the opportunity to perform wether in Jazz ensembles wether in Classical-Contemporary Percussion ensembles but since 2018 I’ve been focusing more on drums, especially in Jazz and Latin music. Certainly I cannot regret my musical teenagerhood which was truly inspired by diverse drummers from Rock, Pop-Punk Rock and Heavy Metal genres.

Study Career

Since I was a little kid I’ve shown my passion towards the colorful worlds of percussion playing my mom’s pans and pots in the kitchen. I was very lucky to have a real drum set in my father studio, so that every weekend he used to bring me there to play. At the age of seven years old I started taking lessons in the music school of my home town and after some years, at the age of 15 I was admitted at the “Conservatorium G.P. da Palestrina in Cagliari” to study classical percussions. I could start my musical academic career quite soon, so that at the age of 19 I started the Bachelor program in Jazz Drums while I was concluding the Master program in classical percussions. From October 2016 till June 2017 I had the chance to study classical and contemporary percussions at the Music Academy in Krakow (Poland). This was my first life and musical experience abroad, which opened up my mind and changed my perspectives. On October 2017 I concluded the Master program in classical percussions with the mark of 10/10. Almost towards the end of the Bachelor in Jazz Drums I left my home town for following as an exchange student the “Royal Conservatory in Ghent” (Flanders, Belgium) between September 2018 and June 2019. After graduating from the Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Drums with 110/110 cum laude at the “Conservatorium G.P. da Palestrina in Cagliari” I started a Master program in Music and Performance as jazz drummer in Ghent. Hence between September 2019 and June 2021 I’ve been a student of the “Royal Conservatory in Ghent”.

Because of my passion for the Afro-Cuban music, especially Cuban Jazz and Latin Jazz, in April 2021 I decided to apply for a Master program in Latin Music at CODARTS Rotterdam. In September 2021 I obtained the Master Degree’s in Music and Performance as a Jazz drummer at the “Royal Conservatory in Ghent” with Great Distinction and at the same time I moved to Rotterdam for beginning the Master Program at CODARTS. A few months ago, July 2023, I obtained the Master Degree in Arts of Music as Latin Drummer and Percussionist at CODARTS Rotterdam

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Are you a beginner?

I'll be glad to help you discovering this beautiful instrument!

I'll show you the necessary steps you need to follow in order to play that crazy rhythm you have in mind and, please don't forget: "HAVE FUN" is mandatory! You'll learn how to move your limbs to play a nice drum groove, you'll discover the rudiments on the snare-drum which later you will start apply to the drumset. You will learn to recognize which instruments in the drumset makes you fall in love for the drum beat of your favorite tune. Also you will learn how to read rhythm and a drum score! Very soon you'll be playing along your favorite song!Let's get it started!!!


Have you played for a while and you would like to improve your skills and to learn new rhythms?

Good!I'll do my best to help you improving your actual skills. Together, we'll look at the diverse hand and foot techniques exist as tools to improve our own sound on the drumset. Remember that it's not about speed, but awareness of our gestures and how these can influence the sound we won't project through this marvellous instrument. Have you ever heard of "Finger Control", Moeller Technique", "Push and Pulll", "Heel-Toe Technique"?

Probably your tired of the usual 4/4 rock drum beat and you would like to learn more spicy drum grooves...well I can show you very nice drum beat influenced by latin music. You could find very fun and interesting excercies for improving your coordination while learing intriguing drum beats!But also...you are a fan of progressive music but you're having troubles playing that weird odd-meter...I'll show you how simple and easy can be to play that 5/8!


Do you have a solid rhythmic fundation and you want to get in touch with Jazz or Latin music?

Learning a language, especially if you are not a mother-tongue, is very hard. Generally I believe that to learn how to express yourself through your instrument is a life-long learning process. For this reason don't worry and keep having fun every day!I've left the harbour for this journey some years ago and I still see the line of the horizon very far...Why don't you get on my boat?

I can show you the first steps you need to take for applying your technical skills and coordination in these styles. We can listening to recordings and to check how the drummer accompanies his band mates, how he expresses his solo ideas. We can transcribe comping ideas, solo ideas, and of course I'll show the approach I use to learn and to digest this information to make it mine. I'm really looking forward to your questions and to discover new recordings with you!


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