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Daniela Rivera DR
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My name is Daniela and I am a cross-over violist from Costa Rica. I moved to the Netherlands in 2020 to do my studies in Classical Music and Latin Music (Viola) at Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam. I am now at the end of my studies and during these years in the Netherlands I have played in many different projects from different musical styles: classical orchestras and chamber music, pop and jazz orchestras, like the Jong Metropole and have experience playing and recording with different pop, jazz and world music bands. Currently, I am the band-leader of my own latin project called La Reunión, member of a latin band called Las Hienas and working as a freelancer with different musical projects. Before moving to the Netherlands I studied Music Education (Dozent Muziek) in the University of Costa Rica. I worked as an individual teacher for many years back there and I have experience teaching violin and Viola to children and adults.

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Viola lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and violin lessons for beginners and intermediate levels, specialised in classical music, pop or Latin music. Are you curious about playing different musical styles and exploring different possibilities with your instrument?

With pop and/or latin genres, we will deal with rhythmic training, arranging skills, accompanying, interpretation and basic improvisation, as well as developing good technical skills on the instrument. Basic knowledge about the instrument is preferred.

With classical music, we are going to be able to dive deeply into the instruments technical and expressive possibilities and work on classical repertoire from different periods. Classical and popular music are very good complements for each other. However, it is also possible to work only on one genre, depending on your interests :)

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