Daniel Lottersberger

Basgitaarles, gitaarles, contrabasles en muziektheorie in Den Haag Loosduinen


Hi Bassplayers

My name is Daniel Lottersberger.
I was born and grew up in Tirol, Austria.

In 2009 I finished my Bachelor on the Jazz double bass at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague where i’m teaching as a guest-teacher since 2012. Before moving to the Netherlands I was studying Jazz double bass (Artist diploma&teaching diploma) at the Carinthian Landeskonservatorium and electric bass at the Music University in Vienna.
Teaching the bass, contra and electric, always was part of me and I gained quite some years of experience in that. In my youth i learned to play several traditional folk instruments such as Zither, Hackbrett and Euphonium.

Cursus 1

Electric- and Doublebass lessons

“What should I practice in order to become better and reach my goals!?”

In all these years of studying, preparing and playing concerts in many different styles, I faced many of these problems of where to start my exercises, with what, how, for how long and so on..
I was lucky to be studying with great teachers, who taught me how to spend the little time that’s left (besides work and family..), in an effective way.

My lessons are based on your wishes, based on your goals nurtured with my knowledge of solving problems, which might pop up on the way to your performance!
Level: Beginners to advanced from Rock to Jazz

Lessons are held in DUTCH, ENGLISH or GERMAN

Schrijf voor iedere cursus die je aanbiedt een aparte alinea. Inhoud: wat is je ervaring en achtergrond hierin/ wat kan een cursist in deze cursus verwachten/ zijn er bepaalde eisen/ kan een cursist iets voorbereiden voor de proefles/ heb je een leeninstrument voor de proefles.

Cursus 2

Cursus 3



Write a personal introduction: who are you / how did you start playing music / who or what influenced your music / what do you hope to give to your students.

Course 1

Write a separate paragraph for each course you offer. Contents: what is your experience and background in this course / what can a student expect in this course / are there certain requirements / can a student prepare something for the trial lesson / do you have a loan instrument for the trial lesson.

Course 2

Course 3

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