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Vriendelijk Deskundig Geduldig


Alexandros Chouros AC
Vriendelijk Deskundig Geduldig
Les aan huis bij cursist (3552)
€ 24,00
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My name is Alexandros and I am a 28-year old pianist from Greece. I am living in Utrecht since 2017, whenI first moved here in order to study for my Master’s degree in Classical Piano Performance at the HKU Conservatory. I have been playing the piano since a very young age and started teaching in 2011, the year that I started studying for my Bachelor’s degree. Since then I have had many students of all ages, from young children till adults.

Upon the first meeting with each student it is important to discuss the long term goals in order to have a clear view and plan the following lessons accordingly. Based on the student’s background, lessons can be adjusted to different levels, music genres and repertoire. The ideal lesson would always include practical, as well as, theoretical knowledge in order to boost your skills but also be able to express yourself through it. We will also work together on your favorite repertoire so that you can enjoy your music lessons to the maximum.

Already from the first lesson we will be able to make music together, play easy pieces and express ourselves though music.

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