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Thuisstudio Amaregebouw, Den Haag
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Ajda Porenta AP
Den Haag
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I believe that playing an instrument is a very unique gift and a great tool for developing concentration, expression and creativity.

My name is Ajda, I am a professional violinist from Slovenia, where I have also grown up, surrounded by nature and mountains. I have moved to the Hague to study, specialize in Baroque violin at the Royal Conservatoire. Previously I have studied in Slovenia where I have finished both Bachelor and Master degrees and obtained a pedagogical course degree in Classical violin. I was also awarded the “Preseren” Award from Academy of Music Ljubljana for artistic achievements. I have continued my studies at Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz in Austria where I have finished Master of Arts degree in Classical violin.

In addition to freelancing I have been giving private lessons and I have worked many years in a private Music School in Slovenia, teaching children and teenagers.

Since I have recently moved to the Hague I am slowly learning Dutch as well, but I am not proficient at communicating. I speak English, Slovenian, Serbian, German and a little bit Spanish too.

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Baroque violin

During my studies in Austria I have discovered my interest and passion for Early music, therefore I have decided to specialize in Historical performance practice at the Royal Conservatoire. My goal is to bring diversity, so that you will have the opportunity to explore different styles and periods of music. We are going to learn improvisation and vocal imitation (on the instrument), our fundamental musical language and natural phrasing.

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Chamber Music

I have played in many orchestras and chamber projects, collaborating with different chamber groups. Connecting with other musicians always brings joy and inspiration. It gives a sense of a dialogue and a different approach of communication and ideas.While teaching, I would like to bring this sense of communication – playing together and listening to each other.

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Creating together

I would like to take an individual approach with everyone and make sure that the lessons are enriching, productive and above all creative, because that’s the appeal of music, that we can be the creators of something very beautiful and unique!

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One of the most fulfilling aspects of teaching is to observe the progress of each individual. I would like to cultivate interests in different styles and give space to build and help in the learning process, giving tools for developing technique and musicality, so that you will feel free expressing your interpretation and as well I will try to give you motivation and inspiration.

I was always involved in different approaches and techniques, I believe that body awareness is a very important aspect for being relaxed. The reason I would like to put some emphasis on breathing exercises as well, as it is very helpful in releasing tensions in the body.

And last but not least, all levels and ages are welcome to join, I look forward to meeting you and creating with you!