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Xico is a very nice teacher, he made my son feel at ease and learned him a lot only in 1 lesson. My son was very enthousiastic about the lesson and wanted to play more at home immediatly.

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Vriendelijk Coachend Geduldig


Ik ben Xico. Ik geef graag les aan kinderen, daarom leer ik Nederlands! Hoewel ik nog niet bereid ben om in het Nederlands les te geven, kunnen we dat misschien samen leren!

Music is Play! and everyone is it’s own game.Read, understand and make only the music you like. I think if it isn’t fun, it can’t be music.

During my life, I learned many ways of making music, because I wasn’t being taught what I loved yet!  I studied a classical piano bachelor, and later a jazz master and a live electronics master. Now, I want to teach you in an open way, so when you know what you want to learn, you will have the tools to focus on it!In the meantime, I have been teaching music. And it’s longer than 9 years now!

Play only what you like! – Piano lessons for all levels and all styles

Most of my students learn piano. With the starter ones, I use my own system to equally help them grow all the needed skills: body consciousness (to avoid lesions or bad habits), music theory (including writing and reading) and improvisation.Usually most songs are made of melody, chords and rhythm. From there, I can help you understand how a song works, how is it written, how does it translate to the piano… and voilá! You’ll know the song by heart, and will be able to play it a bit different every time, because you won’t be following a set of pre-imposed instructions. You will understand how a small system (a song) works.This way of learning can be applied to any song, from any century or style. Understanding is key! Play Chopin, write rock songs, play Monk, Bill Evans, the Beatles, make a lo-fi beat, play Beethoven, play the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Star Wars, play video game music, play salsa! bachata and make people dance, laugh or cry.Music is very powerful!

Play only what you like! – Sound Design and Electronic Music lessons in Ableton Live, Logic Pro, hardware instruments and/or Max MSP

Electronic music is a very vast world. The possibilities are endless. But do you need to learn everything, or only what interests you to make the music you want to do? From listening and analysing a song you like, we will go through the necessary knowledge for you to achieve it:– What do you need to build your home studio in order to create something similar: from the hardware (a computer, the sound card, the speakers,…) or the software (Ableton Live between others).– Which instruments (or plugins) are being used, and how can we get them or simulate them. Think of samplers, synthesisers, drum machines,…– Whether or not a knowledge of music theory is necessary. I can teach you about phrasing, harmony and melody, rythm, …– And on which different ways / through which paths could you achieve something like what you desire. Possibilities are endless!At the same time that we analyse and learn, you are also going to be encouraged to create. Practice makes the master, and the more you create, the more familiar you’ll be with the tools and the environments that we learn at class. A part of the class is also going to be dedicated to listen what you created and go through different ways we may improve it.For people interested in live electronics (live-processing an acoustic instrument or programming live-sets), I also have knowledge on Max MSP and I can teach the basics or help you program any kind of device you propose.

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