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Vriendelijk Coachend Inspirerend
I always had the desire to learn to sing, but I thought I wasn't good at it. I started my lessons with Riccardo with low self-esteem, convinced that I would drop out soon. Instead, thanks to Riccardo I discovered the potential of my voice and now I can sing with ease, I have incredibly increased my vocal range and I have discovered the pleasure of singing and listening to my voice.


Geduldig Vriendelijk Deskundig
I have always written songs as my personal outlet and I had decided to publish them, having someone else sing them. Out of curiosity I wanted to take some singing lessons and thanks to Riccardo's patience and professionalism I discovered that I could sing them myself. Having my first single released with my own voice was an incredible emotion.


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Vriendelijk Coachend Inspirerend
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Hoi! Mijn naam is Riccardo en ik ben zanger en zangcoach. Ik ben in februari 2023 naar Nederland verhuisd en leer Nederlands, daarom kan ik een les nog niet volledig in het Nederlands uitvoeren, maar ik begin het wel te begrijpen en te spreken. Daarom worden mijn lessen voornamelijk in het Engels gegeven (of in het Italiaans, voor degenen die dat wensen).

I am a graduate singer at Conservatory of Music in Perugia (Italy), where I also attended the Composition course.

The study of singing was always accompanied by a deepening also in contemporary music (both singing and composing), facing different styles and techniques. In fact, over time I have shifted my specialization towards modern genres (musical, pop, rock, metal).

Always keeping "one foot on the stage", I began my career as a manager for opera singers, following several names of international scene and collaborating with opera agencies. But in the end the call of singing and writing my own music was stronger and I decided to go back to being a full time artist and vocal coach.

Hence the beginning of the collaboration with professionals in the recording industry, the production of my own music and the birth of the band Basement's Glare, for which I am, as well as vocalist, composer, lyricist and melodist.

In recent years I have collaborated with several artists, both as a vocalist (lending my voice for their songs) and as a vocal coach (taking care of the preparation, recording and vocal engineering of their songs). Some projects will be out in the coming months.

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I start from the basics of breathing, vocal warmup and anatomy of the phonatory organ, to reach a confident use of the vocal instrument, mastery of the technique, alongside body awareness.

Usually a one-hour lesson is divided into a first half of pure technique (vocalisation, exercises to learn about and use the muscles, breathing exercises and so on) and a second half of study applied to songs. This is why I ask my students to bring a list of songs that they love, would like to study and that challenge them. Together we can overcome the difficulties of any song.


For set-out-artists, for those who want to go further into the technique and receive a guide in the artistic sector, I offer my professionalism in the study of the repertoire and performing techniques, introducing and deepening notions of pronunciation and diction for singers, understanding of the text, acting and executive techniques (applied to singing). Furthermore, my students have the opportunity to make professional recordings, to follow and document their artistic evolution (Self-recording technique lessons can be added).


Extra information

For the online lesson you will need:

  • Meeting link (which I will provide)
  • Good internet connection
  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • MP3 or WAVE instrumental version of the song you want to sing (either on a music player, on YouTube or on another music streaming/playing system)


Plus I will provide files with vocal exercises.


For home lessons you will need a piano/keyboard/synth.

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Eartraining was a fundamental part of my academic training at the Conservatory and now I use the knowledge acquired to train new professional or amateur musicians.

The exercises are calibrated according to the level and age of the student, so that learning can be easy and progressive.

Plus I provide material (audio/video/images) to reinforce learning and allow the student to practice alone.

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I'm the songwriter for the band Basement's Glare (musical project with several record publications to its credit) and I have years of experience as a vocal engineer at Italian Recording Studio Studio Teclas (work alongside vocal artists in the phases of vocal recording, musical composition and production).

I have also collaborated on the writing of numerous songs with artists of several genres, ranging from pop to metal.

When I teach songwriting I start from the analysis of published song lyrics to explain the fundamental rules and structures, to then help students apply them to their own compositions.

Furthermore, my students have the opportunity to make professional recordings, to follow and document their artistic evolution (Self-recording technique lessons can be added).