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Deskundig Inspirerend Didactisch
I never noticed how much Petra had helped me progress with my music writing capabilities until I looked back on my work before I started working with her. It’s amazing how much she has helped me progress. My lyric writing skills and my awareness of my musical boundaries and areas for improvement have been really improved by her coaching. With the knowledge I’ve gained, and still aim to gain, I see how her coaching has really helped me become a better musician.


Inspirerend Vriendelijk Coachend Deskundig
Petra is a charismatic teacher who inspires you to start creating good songs. Songs that can capture and express your deeper feelings and emotions. I would recommend her courses to everybody who is into writing songs and creating music!


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Deskundig Inspirerend Didactisch
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Hi, I am Petra Jordan - a singer/songwriter, pianist, producer and a songwriting coach. I am also the creator of the Essential Songwriting Course (ESC) and I work as a Student Advisor at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam - a branch of the well renowned Abbey Road Studios founded music production and sound engineering school.


Professional Musical Experience

I recorded my first demo in 2001 and became a finalist in the U.S. Steel Talent Night in my home country, Slovakia. My musical journey has taken me to the stages in various countries, including Germany, Kuwait, Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg Netherlands or the USA. I enjoy combining soulful melodies with deep meaningful lyrics, I have recorded several albums (The Other Side, Surrender (EP)) and am currently working on the next one. You can check out my music on


I started studying piano classical piano at the age of 8 (6 years) and I've been writing my own songs since the age of 15. later in life, I delved into studying jazz piano with a Belgian composer Hans Lamal (a former student of Chick Corea), and attended jazz courses in Belgium and London. As a part of my university studies (M.A. in British and American Studies), I took classes in creative writing and various philological disciplines (including British and American Literature, morphology, lexicology, stylistics...) which add to my understanding of the use of language.

Teaching Experience 

I have given my workshops and the Essential Songwriting Course (ESC) at various locations, including Abbey Road Institute, Haarlem Conservatory, SAE, United Pop Amsterdam and Max Guitar (Den Haag). Subjects covered in the ESC and its workshops, as well as my experience as an artist and a songwriter, are the basis used in my individual coaching sessions.

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When coaching aspiring songwriters like you, my goal is to bring out your unique style and personality, using a structured yet flexible approach, which accommodates your level and goals.

Why structured?
Because it is important to have structure when you want to achieve your goals and focus on individual topics. The topics we'll cover are Lyrics, Composition and Melody.

Why flexible?
Because everyone is unique and I believe in sharing tools, not rules. And of course everything depends on your level of experience and your goals. 

What is covered in my lessons?
From crafting compelling narratives in Lyrics to refining compositional techniques in Composition, and mastering standout melodies in Melody, you’ll embark on a transformative journey. Thanks to understanding concepts such as prosody or knowing how to support your song’s mood with compositional elements, you’ll learn how to write strong and memorable songs. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned songwriter, my coaching will equip you with essential techniques to elevate your craft.

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