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Panagiotis is a very skilled and knowledgeable teacher. He's comfortable with a variety of styles and techniques and due to this, he can adjust the lesson plan to your preferences. Besides learning how to play certain songs, i'm also learning music theory which is exactly what i was looking for in a teacher. I just started out, but i already feel like i'm building a very solid foundation. I would definitely recommend Panagiotis to anyone wanting to learn playing the guitar!

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From day 1 Panagiotis has tailored my lessons to my personal music tastes which makes learning the instrument all the more enjoyable. His lessons allow me to learn songs to build up my repertoire as well as providing some more challenging songs to push my technique and skills. Although I did not specifically start lessons with the intention of learning any music theory Panagiotis has a way of making theory accessible to everyone and I now begin to actually enjoy learning it, which helps support what I do on the instrument. Panagiotis is clam, patient and has an approachable manner and is very supportive throughout the lessons and provides lots of positive encouragement


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I have been having weekly guitar lessons with Panagiotis for almost two years now, and I could not be happier. Our main focus is jazz, but we also deal with other genres. He is a fantastic guitar player and qualified teacher: professional, articulate, and very knowledgeable. Panagiotis has helped me to improved my guitar technique, but also how to be more musical in a broader sense.


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My name is Panagiotis and I am a guitar teacher/player. I have a bachelor’s degree in Music (Jazz&Pop guitar) – HKU Utrechts Conservatorium and a classical guitar diploma – Philippos Nakas Conservatory. I have been teaching in music schools and giving individual lessons for the last 14 years. In 2017 I moved to Utrecht to continue my studies in jazz guitar at the Utrecht Conservatory and explore the Dutch music scene.I teach electric, acoustic, classical guitar and music theory. Besides the basic technique and theory knowledge, which Ι make sure to provide to each of my students , I individually prepare their study line, according to their taste and abilities. My goal is to help my students to find their own musicality and reveal their inner voice by giving them the most appropriate tools. Besides teaching I have two bands with I give lots of concerts with , at several venues and festivals.

Guitar lessons

Every lesson is individually designed for the needs of the student. I have been teaching people of all ages (from 7 to 65) so I have a lot of experience with beginners but also with intermediate /advanced students. Besides guitar, I always teach theory as I believe it is a necessary tool for a student in order to understand the music fully and be able to analyse it and /or improvise if they want to. So, this is what someone can expect from my lessons :

Guitar : Basic techniques of how to approach the instrument the correct way, creating a good sound and avoiding injuries. From easy children songs, singer-songwriter,pop and rock songs to classical guitar and jazz tunes.

Sight reading : I can teach you in an easy but effective way how to read music so you don’t have any barriers on what you can play.

Ear training : One of the main factors that makes a good musician, is the way they listen to music. The ability to understand what you are listening to the same way you understand a book when you are reading it (not just as a passive listener). This is something I can teach you by following specific exercises that start from a very basic level.

Althought I beleive that having your own guitar is important and help you grow faster musically, If you don’t have a guitar (yet) or you can’t bring your guitar for any reason, I can provide one that you can use during the lessons.


Beginner Guitar Lessons

Learn basic technique and fingerings on the fretboard. Learn how to hold the guitar, strum, use the plectrum or the fingers and build a strong playing position that keeps your body happy and facilitating. Start with your first tunes and get the fundamentals of theory, rhythm and ear skills to get your first taste of the music-world!


For intermediate/advanced students, we focus on your performance abilities and confidence, sound (guitar gear, effects, etc.), different tunings, plectrum and fingerstyle techniques, improvisation skills, mastering of harmonic, rhythmical and aural elements. I can help you boost your skills and reach a professional playing level in electric, acoustic steel string or acoustic nylon string (classical)  guitar, similar to your musical heroes for both electric or acoustic

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