Nia Ralinova

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Les aan huis bij cursist (1000, 1012, 1037, 1051, 1075...)
Nia Ralinova NR
Les aan huis bij cursist (1000, 1012...)
€ 27,50
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Hallo, mijn naam is Nia. Ik ben een muzikant gevestigd in Amsterdam en kom oorspronkelijk uit Bulgarije. I have a big family of musicians and actors, with many brothers and sisters (all younger than me) and this really makes my communication with children much easier. I have experience in teaching cello and piano, to adults and children. I lived in Spain, Argentina, Bulgaria and I currently live in Amsterdam, where I recently finished my bachelors degree with classical cello in the Conservatorium. Having the experience of being in so many different cultures and surroundings gives me an advantage to be more open and understanding. I love passing on my musical knowledge and experience, that is why I very musch enjoy teaching. I am currently performing with international and Dutch artists (like Burna Boy, Sophie Straat, Sor, Emily Sande) and I can offer my students both a classical and a more modern perspective of playing and performing.

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I give piano lessons to beginners. I am a profesional cellist, but piano has always come side by side to it. 

Piano is a crucial instrument for any musician and I am here to give the knowledge and skills needed to develp in it. 

I have been giving piano lessons for 2 years now, I love the process of it and passing my knowledge onto my students.

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I have been playing cello since I was 5 years old. Started in Bulgaria and continued my studies in Argentina, Spain and recently graduated from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

I have been in multiple international competitions and orchestras and I am currently performing with international and dutch pop, rock, rnb artists. I can offer my students both the classical and modern perspective of playing the cello. 

I have been giving cello lessons for 3 years now. Passing my knowledge and skills to others is one of my favorite things! I love teaching and interacting with my students.

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I have been studying solfege and music theory since I was 5 years old. Being a musicians requires good theory skills in order to advance quickly with the instrument. 

I am here to help with that process and clerify things for my students.

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