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Les aan huis bij cursist (3023)
Luzia Lima LL
Les aan huis bij cursist (3023)
€ 22,00
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Hello 😊, I am Luzia! I started playing the violin when I was 3 years old, I started my studies in Portugal and in 2021 I started my bachelor in Codarts, Rotterdam. I have multiple experience in playing solo, in orchestras inside and outside the Netherlands. I would love to teach you about this amazing instrument! I teach from young age to adults! Of course I have a different methods and pedagogy when teaching different ages, for the little ones learning the violin will be colourful and so much fun! I teach from beginers to advanced ones! I studied Classical repertoire my all life but I also had some nice experiences in Pop Orchestras. 


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If you are a beginner, you never played any instrument and you don't know any music theory knowledge, I will teach you from the basics until you can play beautiful melodies.

From Classical to Pop repertoire, you choose!

If you played the violin when you were a child and you would like to play again but you don't know how yo start, I will help you!

I usually give 2 lessons of 45 minutes per week but I am flexible and it can be discussed.  

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