Jonathan Ho Chin Kiat

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Locatie Wijkcentrum Charlois (School of Music), Rotterdam
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Locatie Capelseweg (School of Music), Capelle aan den IJssel
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Mijn proefles was super leuk en leerzaam. Ik besluit om door te gaan met de lessen bij Jonathan.

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Jonathan  Ho Chin Kiat JK
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Hallo, ik ben Jonathan Ho Chin Kiat. Ik ben een contrabassist, drummer, pianist, docent, en componist uit Singapore. Ik ben momenteel gevestigd in Rotterdam, afgestudeerd bij Codarts Hogeschool voor de kunsten, en geef privé zowel ensemble les. I mostly teach in English, but I also understand Dutch between beginner and intermediate level. Indien gewenst, ik kan ook Nederlands met jou spreken!

I first discovered my passion for music when I was 8 years old. I found it a joy to play favourite songs of my family and friends on piano while they sing and dance along. SInce then, I followed the international ABRSM Royal School of Music (UK) examinations for piano, and achieved a Grade 8 level. I also picked up the electric bass and drums when I discovered rock bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Led Zeppelin when I was 15. In 2008, I joined my high school's jazz club and picked up the double bass. 

I have been teaching private and ensemble lessons since 2010 in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, and now The Netherlands. Drawing from my passion of playing music for my loved ones, I developed a deep interest in sharing this passion with my students and in their growth as music lovers. I now teach double bass, electric bass, drums, and piano, from beginner to professional level. 

If you are interested to join me on a music journey, feel free to drop me a message here, and we can find out how I can best help you on your music discovery!


Have you ever dreamed of playing and improvising your favourite music in a band? Then you've come to the right place! I specialise in mentoring bands and ensembles in various styles of music - from jazz, rock, pop, soul, RnB, funk, and latin. Together we can develop a strong band sound and character, with the ultimate goal of performing for friends and families, or even on stage! 

In our ensemble lessons, we not only focus on refining our techniques to make the band sound good, but more importantly to have fun together and share this joy through music. I customise the syllabus of each band according to preferred genre(s) and the overall level of every band member so everyone remains on the same page :) I can provide a setlist of tunes in any particular genre desired, or better yet - every band member is free to bring one tune each and we make our repertoire together!

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The icon of jazz and blues - the double bass is a versatile instrument that took over the bass role from tuba and euphonium in swing bands since early 1900's, allowing them to play for hours without losing stamina from lung fatique!

An essential foundation of any classical ensemble or orchestra - The double bass blends the contrasting sounds of strings, brass, and percussions with its wide pitch range and unique percussive tone when plucked, while doubling the bass parts of cellos. It is the unofficial concertmaster next to the first violinist and conductor!

If you are interested in being the heartbeat of any band laying down awesome basslines on the double bass, look no more! My main instrument is the double bass since 2008, and I can show you how - whether jazz or classical, plucked or bowed :) 

My favourite method of teaching is to help you play your favourite songs and compositions, so feel free to bring any music you wish to specifically work on!

If you already play electric bass and wish to transition to double bass, I can also help you through my own experience of doing the same!

And if you wish to prepare for jazz conservatory, I can also guide you all the way until admission and more!

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Want to learn your partner's favourite song and serenade them on special occasions? Stumble upon a piano at train stations with your friends and they make a special request? Come with me, and I will show you how to master your favourite songs on piano/keyboard! A unique instrument that shows you everything about rhythm, melody, and harmony - learning the piano comes with extra benefit of fulfilling the role of of every other instrument you can imagine. Also known as the conductor's instrument, you will liven up any party with everyone's favourite radio hits as they sing and dance the night away :) 

Here you can watch a demonstration during a 30 minutes lesson.


Do you wish to be the groove master of any band or ensemble? Then you've come to the right place! I can help you establish feet-tapping, head-bopping grooves on the drumset.

From the classic boom-bap of rock, RnB, and soul rhythms; to the exhilarating swinging patterns of jazz music - we will develop in any direction your heart desires! We will also discover how to build your own repertoire of grooves and fills, and even soloing vocabulary if desired :)

As always, working with your favourite music is my preferred way of teaching - so bring your favourite tunes and let us work them out together!

Here you can watch a short sumary of a typical 60 minutes lesson.