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Doelgericht Geduldig Deskundig Coachend Inspirerend
Ivan is een goede docent doordat hij inspeelt op wat *jij* wil leren of verbeteren. Dit doet hij niet door je zomaar een trucje te leren, maar je daadwerkelijk te laten begrijpen hoe je moet spelen en denken, zodat je het zelf ook kunt gebruiken buiten de dingen die je tijdens de les doet. Deze uitleg geeft hij goed op het juiste niveau, zodat het niet te makkelijk of juist overweldigend lijkt. Daarnaast ook gewoon een toffe gast, kan niet anders zeggen. Ivan is a good teacher because he builds his lessons around what *you* want to learn. He doesn't just teach you a trick, but makes sure you truly understand how you have to play and think, so you can also use it outside of the lessons. He does this at the right pace, not too hard, but not to east. Also, he's just a cool guy

Tjeerd Na 6 weken les

Communicatief Vriendelijk Deskundig Inspirerend Eigentijds
Ivan is a great teacher, patient an dedicated, he has an extense music theory knowledge wich is very helpful and is also helping me locate and correct my technical mistakes while learning new songs. He made me regain my passion for guitar after a temporary lack of motivation.

Jose Na 2 weken les

Enthousiast Deskundig Geduldig
Ivan is a friendly and patient teacher, very competent and passionate about guitar, from Latin American to classical. He always finds out the right way to get you to overcome any obstacle you might find when studying a particular technique or piece. I had not played guitar for many years, and he helped me a lot to get back on track. Highly recommended!


Coachend Communicatief Doelgericht
I enjoyed my lessons with Ivan! He quickly got what my interests and level were and we tailored the topic and learning goals to them. We worked on harmonising a song as an exercise, and every lesson he would give me useful feedback, tips and new tools on how to improve it. With Ivan I had dynamic and interesting lessons, with a very relaxed atmosphere. I can really recommend it.


Ivan Toito Laranjeiro IL
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Hi there! I'm Ivan, I'm from Portugal and I'm here to share with you my absolute passion for music and for guitar. I'm currently in my last year of latin guitar studies at Codarts. I'm absolutely in love with all the guitar related genres. The sound and precision of the classical guitarists, the spontaneity and freedom of jazz and the melancholy, richness, beauty and rhythm of the latin world. These are all the elements I try to bring to my playing and to my audience.  

I started playing classical guitar at the age of 11. But the obsession with the guitar came during my teenage years with the heavy metal (you can check some older videos on youtube). At around 23 years old I started taking the classical guitar more serious again. I felt totally in love with bossa nova and choros. Two years later I was auditioning to Codarts. Now, the classical guitar is my biggest (and healthiest) obsession in life. 

Right now I'm developing my own trio, where I play and arrange solo guitar repertoire from Latin America together with double bass and drums. You can check the video below ;)


With this course I want to help you develop the mechanics needed to play the guitar. We all have music inside us, but we need an instrument to be able to bring that musicality to people. With this course you will learn how to express yourself in the guitar. 

Every person has its unique journey, with unique needs and strenghts. But in the big picture we are going to work, as simultaneously as possible, in two distinct fields:

  • Classical repertoire - the goal is to develop dexterity and control over both hands, control the sound and learn how to read.
  • Bossa Nova songs - the goal is to improve the rhythmical skills at the same time as you learn nice repertoire for campfire!!


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Throughout the years I've had a big number of teachers, but very few were able to teach how to make music. It is my purpose to teach you to be independent and how to start developing your own sound as soon as possible. And for that you will need a bit of music theory. Musical Harmony to be precise.

Most of us have a lot of musical ideas, but have no idea what they are and how to express themselves. Some have the sound of a chord in mind, others have a melody. Or maybe you are a bit sick of not understanding what you play? Then this is also the right place for you to be. My goal is to develop own musical independence and start making your own music, even if that means changing a chord here and there in the begging.

This course is based in Jazz Harmony and is suitable for everyone. But if you are a guitar player, then we can go one step further and apply all this ideas to the fretboard. With this you will start seeing patterns and relationships in the fretboard, instead of only seeing an abstract piece of wood and frets

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