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My name is Ioannis Tsantilis. I was  born in Larissa Greece and I have been playing guitar from the age of 14. Later on studied in Modern School of Athens and at the age of 17 I started performing professionally as a Guitarist in music events, theaters and music festivals across Greece. In 2013 I moved in the Netherlands and studied in Conservatorium van Utrecht.

 My musical style incorporates Blues, Rock, Jazz and Mediterranean sounds. My major influences have been Jim Hendrix, SRV, Scott Henderson, Jeff Beck, John Scofield and Wes Montgomery.

Having succesfully guided countless students through their musical journeys. I am confident in my ability to inspire a passion for the guitar and nurture the individual strengths of each learner. My teaching philosophy is centered on instilling not only technical proficiency but also a profound appreciation for the artistry and expression that the guitar can offer.


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Learning to play the guitar can seem a dauting task, but with the right guiding and practice, anyone can pick up this beloved intrument. The first step in learning to play the guitar is to become familiar with its different parts. From the neck to the body, the strings to the sound hole, each piece of the guitar plays an important role in creating beatiful music.

Guitar lessons for begginers and kids: The guitar fundamentals (how to hold the guitar and the basic numbering systems for the guitar)

  • Basic Strumming,
  • Basic Chord Shapes
  • Changing Chords Smoothly
  • Simply melodies
  • Your first Song

Everything you learn can be applied for both acoustic and electric guitar.


Confident with your skills? Time to get in to some more advanced courses!

Guitar lessons for indermidiate and advanced players

  • Learn the Modes and how to use them over chord changes
  • Learn the Arpeggios
  • How to incoporate chord extensions in Blues and Jazz
  • Learn Jazz Substitutions
  • How to build "fills" in to rhythm playing
  • Analize Harmony
  • Build solid technique
  • Learn repertoire

 At this point, you should know more about how to teach your self and explore music.

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