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Communicatief Didactisch
Veel duidelijkheid en snelle analyse van de sterke en zwakke punten van studenten

José-Carlos Na 1 week les

Communicatief Vriendelijk Didactisch Enthousiast Inspirerend
Super leuke docent! Heeft mij gevoel van zelfvertrouwen geven ondanks dat ik geen noot kan lezen en voor het eerst een instrument wilde leren spelen. Niet het gemakkelijkste overigens. Heel geduldig. Enthousiast en in staat om op verschillende niveau de stof en oefening over te brengen. Is heel flexibel en bereid om extra stapje te zetten zodat stof ook geleerd kan worden.

Senada Na 1 week les

Vriendelijk Enthousiast

Neethu Na 1 week les

Communicatief Vriendelijk Deskundig Goed met kinderen Enthousiast Gezellig
Het was een erg leuke en leerzame les.

Rosa Na 1 week les

Vriendelijk Enthousiast Coachend


Communicatief Vriendelijk Deskundig Didactisch Enthousiast Ervaren Geduldig Gezellig
Soms is de taal een klein probleem. Maar ook daarin is Helena creatief en zeer geduldig.

Anoniem Na 1 week les

Communicatief Vriendelijk Deskundig Coachend Ervaren


Enthousiaste docente, onze zoon leert snel en is erg blij met haar als docent!

Anoniem Na 1 week les

Communicatief Deskundig Geduldig

Dinna Na 1 week les

Communicatief Vriendelijk Enthousiast Coachend Gezellig

Darja Na 1 week les

Vriendelijk Stipt Geduldig Gezellig

nicky Na 4 weken les

Goed met kinderen
Helena is very friendly and very good with kids. We are happy to have found her:)

Muriel Na 1 week les

Deskundig Enthousiast Coachend Ervaren Geduldig
Uitstekende docente: niets anders dan lof. Iemand met passie voor muziek en met de vaardigheid deze passie te delen en over te brengen.


Vriendelijk Deskundig Didactisch Coachend
Although I have stopped classes because of lack of time I have really enjoyed Helena's classes. She was very patient and always took time to answer all my questions again and again. Classes were uplifting, I always left with tons of energy and in good mood to, this time, really practice at home! Technique was taught very well and songs were chosen carefully, I would certainly return to Helena when I would have more practicing time in my weekly schedule.

Arwen Na 11 weken les

Prettige ontvangst, heldere uitleg en inspirerende aanpak

Roos Na 1 week les

Helena Sousa HS
Vriendelijk Enthousiast Communicatief
€ 22,50
per 30 min.
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Improving day after day

Helena Sousa Estévez was born in Spain, she began her music studies at the age of 7. She has done her Bachelor and Master of Music in Spain and France, respectively, and since 2017 she lives in The Netherlands. During her studies, she focused in classical and contemporary music, and due to her curiosity she also has experience playing folk and dance music. Since 2014, she has experience teaching accordion, piano and music theory lessons. Currently, Helena works as a freelance musician and she has several projects, performing as a soloist and with different orchestras or ensembles, among them Real Filharmonía de Galicia, Inner Duo, Vertixe Sonora, DoelenEnsemble, Ensemble Linea, Ensemble Intercolor or Duo Doce, among others.

Music as an essential part of life

As a teacher, she can work with the student on any kind of music: classical, contemporary, pop or folk are welcome with her. She always keeps in mind that it is important for the students to learn having fun with music: learning to play the instrument and to have a good technique with it, learning to listen to the music and understanding it, playing with the rhythm, the harmony or improvising, always with the aim of improving day after day.As a very hard-working and active person,  she is encouraged to show how music works and how it is essential in life, through listening, practising with the instruments and above all, having fun with each lesson!Helena is starting Dutch, she speaks fluently English and French and her mother tongue is Spanish.

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Beginner and advanced students are welcome for these lessons, with a piano or chromatic accordion, in Standard or Free Bass. Depending on their interests and goals, students will be focused on classical, contemporary, dance and/or pop music. Through listening, doing different rhythms, improvising, understanding harmony and more, they will learn how this instrument works and how to play different musical pieces!The student will learn music through different activities, such as listening to music, doing rhythms with hands and feet, singing, and of course playing instruments. All of these are important activities to develop the skills of the student such as coordination, attention or discipline, along with the most important thing: enjoying music as an essential part of life!


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Beginner students with interesting in any kind of music can come to piano lessons with Helena. The student will discover how to play piano, how to understand and how to deal with the different music pieces, always looking for the best way to learn and to have fun at the same time!


Music theory is essential for people who is starting music: it helps to read it, to listen to it, to coordinate body through different rhythms or to understand harmony, among other things. Besides, student will have fun since he or she will sing, play notes on the piano, do rhythms with hands and feet, and all of this can be very helpful to play any kind of instrument!