Gulmira Issabekova

Pianoles in Den Haag en via videoles


My name is Gulmira and I am a professional classical pianist. I was born and raised in Kazakhstan, I did Conservatory in Russia and continued my study here in the Netherlands. I play piano all my life. I started when I was 5 years old. At the beginning it was more for my general education but when I was 9 years old  it turned to be more serious.

I had great teachers during my study and each of them inspired me to continue to make music. Now I can’t imagine my life without piano and I am very happy to share my knowledge  with other people.

Piano lessons

I graduated Tchaikovsky conservatory in Moscow and Royal conservatory in the Hague. I have 2 master degrees as a solo pianist, chamber soloist and piano teacher. I started to teach piano when I was 15 as a part of a school programme but my biggest experience I got here in the Netherlands.

I have students with such a different background in music: amateurs, professionals, kids, adults. I am trying to find a personal approach to every student and make the process of  learning more interesting and inspiring. I teach but I also learn a lot from my students.

For example, I have a lot of students above 65 years old and they changed my vision and inspired me too. Now I see that it is never too late to start learning to play piano. For the try out lesson you (student) don’t need to bring anything. But if you are not a beginner of course it would be nice to play something what you have learned before.

The lessons are possible in Dutch, English and Russian depending on what is more convenient and comfortable for the student.

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