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Elia Celegato EC
Les aan huis bij cursist (2518)
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Hallo, ik ben Elia Celegato, een klarinettist geboren in Padua, Italië. Ik ben momenteel Nederlands aan het leren en zou het geweldig vinden om samen in het Nederlands te spreken.  My musical journey took off at the renowned Conservatorio of Padova “Cesare Pollini,” where I was fortunate to be mentored by the accomplished Stefano Righetto and Luca Lucchetta. Fuelled by my passion for historical clarinet, I pursued advanced studies, earning a Master's degree in Historical Clarinet from the esteemed Royal Conservatoire of Den Haag, under the guidance of the renowned Eric Hoeprich.

In 2023, my academic pursuits led me to complete a master's degree in "Musicologie: Recherche et Pratiques d'Ensemble" at the University of Poitiers/Tours, in collaboration with the orchestra of the Abbaye aux Dames in Saintes, France. During this time, my interpretations of classical and romantic works, performed using original historical instruments, were honed under the mentorship of esteemed directors, establishing me as a skilled historical clarinetist.

My musical journey has granted me esteemed positions, including serving as the principal clarinetist and deputy of the Harmoniemusik of Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester. I have also made significant contributions to the recording industry, such as the premiere recording of J.C. Bach's opera aria, released by Etcetera Records. With a deep passion for historical clarinet and a wealth of expertise, I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and artistry with fellow enthusiasts and aspiring musicians.


Unlock the melodious world of clarinet music with my personalized clarinet teaching classes! Whether you're a beginner aiming to learn the basics or an intermediate player striving to enhance your skills, my tailored lessons cater to all levels of expertise.

What to Expect:

- Comprehensive Learning: Dive into the fundamentals of clarinet playing, including proper finger techniques, breath control, and music theory. My classes cover everything from basic notes to complex compositions, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience; Individual Attention: Experience one-on-one coaching tailored to your unique learning style and pace. My experienced clarinet instructor provides personalized feedback, addressing your specific challenges and helping you progress swiftly; Musical Diversity: Explore a diverse range of musical genres, from classical masterpieces to contemporary tunes. Whether you aspire to play Mozart's classics or the latest chart-toppers, my classes empower you to master various styles; Performance Opportunities: Sharpen your skills through regular performance opportunities, both within the class and in public recitals. Overcome stage fright and build confidence as you showcase your talent to appreciative audiences; Flexible Scheduling: I understand the demands of life. That's why I offer flexible scheduling options, allowing you to balance your passion for music with your other commitments.

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