Eduardo Doreste

Compositieles, Klarinetles, Muziektheorie, Pianoles, Saxofoonles



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I am Eduardo, professional musician and long-time music teacher. I obtained my Jazz Music Master’s program at the Prince Claus Conservatoire of Groningen in June 2022.Previously, in 2018, I graduated from my music Bachelor’s at the Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceu in Barcelona (Spain).

I am an active and a determined person who try to always put the student’s concerns and interests on the first place, driving the lessons in a way they can actually grow in musical and personal aptitudes doing what they really want to do.


During the last 10 years I have developed my musical and educational career, supporting that with an extensive library of pedagogic material and a long experience in terms of managing the particularities of every student and their needs. I have taught collective and individual lessons por people of all ages, levels and preferences.

Lessons:Lessons are addressed to every student profile, regardless of age, level of expectations (no matter if it is seen as a hobby or rather if the individual is getting prepared for official Conservatory auditions, etc.).

We will play and/or focus on what the student is willing to deepen into (whatever music style they are interested in, more theoretical aspects or rather practical ones), trying to get the maximum profit of the employed time, and prioritising the actual learning of the person as the main factor for their motivation.

About me:I have taken part in many different musical and pedagogical contexts, from Jazz to Pop or Folk bands in one hand, to teaching children collective lessons or rather individual classes for adults and adolescents.

At the moment I carry my own project (”NOW Project, an Instant Composing Lab”), based on improvisational dynamics that try to help spontaneous music in the achievement of a concrete outcome.On the other hand, I am collaborating with a variety of Healthcare activities in the Netherlands, such as the ones provided by the MiMiC initiative (Music and Dementia) and Embrace Nederlands (Music & Vulnerable People).

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