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Deskundig Vriendelijk Enthousiast Coachend Geduldig Ervaren Klassieke lesmethode
Deasy is zeer bekwaam en ze weet precies hoe de stem technisch gezien werkt. Ze weet precies hoe ze jouw stem naar voren moet halen en hoe je je stem correct moet gebruiken. Ik ben zeer blij met iemand die mij op zo een technische manier les kan geven!

Linda Na 1 week les

Enthousiast Ervaren Inspirerend
I enjoy our lessons with Deasy a lot. She is very thorough and passionate about teaching. Deasy always surprises me with new exercises and techniques! She has great intuition on how get out the best sound out of her students. Highly recommended!

Yulia Na 11 weken les

Vriendelijk Inspirerend Geduldig Doelgericht Ervaren Enthousiast
I enjoyed my lesson with Deasy very much.

Yulia Na 1 week les

Vriendelijk Deskundig Didactisch Enthousiast Inspirerend Gezellig
Deasy is a very skilled singer and teacher. I was very nervous about singing and truly believed that I was not any good at it but I always wanted to try anyways. Deasy helped me with clear instructions and technique that was tailored to my needs. Deasy has a great grasp of the technique and history of singing and also an amazing passionate positive attitude. Thank you!

Oskar Na 1 week les

Vriendelijk Deskundig
Hele inspirerende proefles gehad! Deasy is heel positief en weet haar al kennis op een niveau perfect passend bij de cursist over te brengen!

Anouschka Na 1 week les

Vriendelijk Doelgericht Inspirerend Coachend
Erg aanpasbaar en hulpzaam! -- Very adjustable and helpful!

Lars Na 1 week les

Vriendelijk Deskundig Goed met kinderen
You made the instruction clear in a wonderful way, and if I may say so, you are really gifted to teach and inspire young people.


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Hi, my name is Deasy! As an active professional singer, I work in the Dutch National Opera choir. I also perform in many concerts across the Netherlands as a soloist for oratorio, opera aria, and lieder. Aside from performing on stage, I love teaching as much as singing. I give private singing lessons and online lessons. I also give online lectures, vocal coaching, and masterclasses to several universities and music schools in Indonesia.

I grew up surrounded by musical and pop genres. Disney songs, The Sound of Music, The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, and Wicked were some of the music that inspired me to become a singer. Then in my musical journey, I found classical music, opera, and art songs. I learned the diversity of music, touching people’s hearts in so many different ways. From there, I started my music education, literally pursuing my passion.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Music in classical singing from Koninklijk Conservatorium, of which I received a distinction as a nuance artist. Having several different teachers in my learning process, it gives me an understanding that there is no single solution for music. There are many different approaches and methods that can be used to teach and learn music.

More than ten years ago before formally studying music, I had vocal injuries. I strained my vocal cords, I had potential nodules, and I lost my voice due to unhealthy singing techniques. Ever since then, I have to carefully re-learn all the basic techniques. Experiencing it the hard way, I know how important it is to have a good understanding of vocal techniques, and I seriously dig into vocal pedagogy. Even though there are many roads to Rome, a healthy approach is one of my priorities.

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Learning aspects

We will always start the lesson by vocal warming up and work on the choice of songs. In my teaching, there are three main aspects that I address:

  • vocal technique: breathing, placement of vowels, larynx position, tongue position, soft palate, support muscles, awareness of physical anatomy, and vocal register (chest, middle, and head voice);
  • language: articulation, phrasing, meaning, and storytelling;
  • artistic and nuance: musical phrasing, interpretation, musical style, owning the music, and improvisation.

Through those aspects, we will focus on finding your own voice and style. Together, we are going to enjoy the process and bring out the best of your voice. Singing is fun and learning to sing will not be any less fun!

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Course: Pop and musical singing lesson

Show me your favorite musics and your choice of songs, we will start the work from there!

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Course: Classical singing lesson

We are going to use vocalises method books (depending on your level), such as Marchesi or Vaccai or Concone. Then, we will find the right repertoire for your voice type.

I am very flexible to the student’s condition.

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All levels at any ages are welcome!