Davina Marinozzi

Gitaarles, zangles, songwriting en muziektheorie in Rotterdam Delfshaven

Davina, originally from Italy, is a Rotterdam based artist since 2016. Music has always been part of her life, and soon in her youth it became clear that she would make it her profession. So, back in Italy, she started focusing on singing and guitar playing, working with different teachers and participating to masterclasses.

When she arrived in The Netherlands in 2016 she dedicated herself to Jazz music (Codarts Conservatory – Rotterdam), gaining vocal style and texture. She participated in projects organized by the worldwide famous Metropole Orchestra, working with English conductor, composer and arranger Jules Buckley and one of the most popular soul singers of the Netherlands, Shirma Rouse. In 2018 a new chapter began as she felt the urge of writing own material and exploring her artistic identity. It didn’t take long before opportunities came along her path: in July 2019 Davina performed on one of North Sea Jazz Festival stages with a full line-up.

In October 2020 she released her first single “Joker” on all digital platforms and she is now working towards her first album release, expected in Fall 2021.

“In my lessons, I like to focus on: the discovery of our inner instrument and therefore of our body, its mechanisms and how to make them functional to the performance; challenging aspects of the repertoire, expressivity, articulation of sound and syllables, exploring the many ways to sing a tune and make it our own.

The reason why I like teaching is simple: I was born with some talent, but nothing came easy to me. I had to work hard on each and every aspect to develop a professional level and, even more important, my artistic personality. The challenges I went through allow me now to understand the student and how to help him/her with a tailored learning plan. Therefore my specialty is providing my students with a vocal technique which will allow them to sing any style they wish and become the artist they want to be.

Besides singing I have a deep knowledge of theory and songwriting, and I can prepare students for conservatory auditions and competitions.

The best thing a student can do to prepare the first lesson is: bring a song and all your questions/wishes”!

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