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Thuisstudio Arnodreef, Utrecht

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Enthousiast Vriendelijk Ervaren Deskundig Geduldig
Danai is een heel kundige en geduldige pianolerares. Ze weet in haar lessen hard werken en humor te combineren, is ook echt een gezellige lerares. Ze is heel ondersteunend in je leerproces, bekrachtigt elke positieve stap die je zet. Van harte aanbevolen!

Kamé Na 6 weken les

Communicatief Vriendelijk Deskundig Coachend Geduldig Ervaren Gezellig Stipt
I had a really pleasant first lesson!

Frederic Na 1 week les

Vriendelijk Deskundig Doelgericht

Sebastiaan Na 1 week les

Vriendelijk Deskundig Didactisch Coachend Ervaren Geduldig
Danai is echt een fijne docente. Naast de positieve eigenschappen die ik kon aanvinken, is ze ook nog eens heel flexibel en behulpzaam. Ze sluit haar lessen heel goed aan op je behoeften en geeft je nooit het gevoel dat je een slome sukkel bent als je fouten maakt, wat het makkelijker maakt om onbevangen te zijn en fouten te durven maken. Haar lessen zijn gevarieerd en leerzaam in allerlei details, maar nooit zo dat je op je tenen moet lopen. Ik had me geen betere docent kunnen wensen.

Berthe Na 1 week les

Deskundig Didactisch
Together with her great piano skills, Danai Karotseri is also an excellent teacher. The last few years I grew up to admire, not only her methodological and organizational approach that provide the lessons with a splendid flow, but also her communicative and inspirational skills that helped me to overcome any technical or theoretical difficulty, with the ultimate purpose to further develop my artistic personality. A very insightful experience recommended to everyone.


Communicatief Didactisch Gezellig
Taking piano lessons from Danai Karotseri was a very pleasant, as well as, informative experience. For someone wanting to relax with a hobby, while learning how to express themselves artistically, Danai's instructive methods, combined with a kind and fun attitude, are exactly what they are looking for. Definitely recommend this experience.


Vriendelijk Goed met kinderen Inspirerend
Hereby I want to thank you for your inspirational and very pleasant lessons that you gave to me and my daughter on the piano. Before we started I could not do anything and now I am able to play. Also my daughter of 11 loved to be teached by you and it is very good to see that you are patient but also able to let the young girl learn and enjoy the instrument.


Danai Karotseri DK
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Hi! My name is Danai Karotseri. I am currently doing my Master in Piano Performance at HKU and I have a Degree in Composition. I fell in love with music in an early age. My mother is a Classical pianist, so I started playing the piano at the age of six.  I have been giving piano lessons to students of all ages and levels for almost 10 years. Learning the Piano can be fun, especially when it is designed to meet your individual needs. Based on your specific background and knowledge we will create together a course with the music you love, as well as music theory and technique to help you achieve your goals and express yourself throw music.

Piano Lessons

If you want to start playing the piano, and you have no past experience, that’s no problem. During the lessons you will learn posture, technique, side reading and the basic theory you need to be able to understand and play music. I like to start with some warm-ups and some piano exercises and pieces I find necessary for your development. After that I always like to dedicate time to teach the music you would like to play and  expresses you. If you like to play pieces and songs that are not in your level yet, I will make arrangements that suit your playing level , so you can enjoy the music you love.

If you are already learning the piano we will create together a program that suits you, and we will work on and give attention to the parts that will make you better and stronger.With hard work, discipline and willing to learn you will develop in an excellent pianist and I will support you throughout this journey.

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Music Theory lessons

If you want a deeper understanding of Music, we can start with Theory and Harmony lessons, and according to your desires we can also have Counterpoint and Fugue lessons and finally reach the Composition level, were you will learn the techniques and tools you need to write your own music from a solo instrument to an orchestral piece. These lessons will consist also orchestration courses, learning the features and abilities of every instrument and how to write them in music notation programmes.

I am also giving the necessary lessons to prepare for entrance exams in a Conservatory .

At last, we can also have online lessons.

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