Carla Regina

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My name is Carla Regina. I am an Italian mezzosoprano, pianist and theatre maker. My specialty is Italian opera and Italian art songs, but I also enjoy starting from scratch!
My languages are English, Nederlands and Italian.

I studied at the prestigious Conservatorium “G. Verdi” in Milan (Italy), and worked extensively first as a correpetitor, and later as a singer with some of the biggest names and finest orchestras of the business (a.o. Claudio Abbado).

I have 10 years experience giving singing lessons to all levels.
Beginners, amateurs, semi-professionals, professionals

Do you want to learn to sing?

Singing lessons (beginner level)

During the lessons we work on:
– breathing exercises
– pronunciation
– articulation of vocals and consonants
– the singing line
– the right repertoire for your wishes and needs

Absolute beginners, amateurs, semi-professionals. Whatever your taste, need, and wish is… I am passionate and enthusiastic about vocal music and teaching it to new students. Singing is fun!

Already a professional or a singing student?

Opera/Italian repertoire coaching
(advanced level)

– To study a entire Opera role vocally
– To study a entire Opera role musically
– To prepare for an audition
– To finetune an Italian art songs concert program
– To work on pronunciation, traditions and practice of the Italian classical vocal repertoire.

For professionals singers and singing students.

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