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Locatie Oudegracht aan de Werf, Utrecht
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Communicatief Vriendelijk Deskundig Didactisch
Ik vond de proefles heel goed gaan. De docent gaf helder uitleg over techniek en theorie. We hebben ook veel geoefend. Haar manier van lesgeven vond ik heel fijn.

Maya Na 1 week les

Deskundig Doelgericht Inspirerend
My piano lessons with Ayla are very entertaining and creative. I always leave every lesson very inspired, wanting to get home to put what I have learned into practice. I’m very glad to realize how much I have improved in just a couple of months.


Communicatief Enthousiast
Very enthusiastic and communicative teacher. She always gives me very useful tips to improve both technically and musically.


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Communicatief Deskundig Vriendelijk
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€ 25,00
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Music has always accompanied me since the first steps of my life. I started playing the piano and some years later I discovered the cello. Both became my life partners and part of my daily life. I studied cello and piano at the Conservatory in my hometown, Bilbao (Spain). After finishing, I decided to continue improving my cello playing and I moved to the Netherlands to study my second master’s degree at HKU Utrecht Conservatory. However, I continued improving my piano skills and right now I am an active player and teacher of both instruments.

What is my goal as a music teacher

My goal is to make the students able to experience all types of emotions by playing music, understanding the musical process from its roots with a creative approach. My lessons are designed according to the specific needs of each student and the main objective is to guide them in the optimal direction to achieve their full potential in a fun way. Thereby, the instrument becomes a tool to understand what making music really means and will be a way for the student to express his emotions. My approach to the lessons can provide a lot of creativity, fun and originality.

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How do my lessons look like

From the first lesson, the student will start making music. We will begin learning the basic concepts of music, developing listening and rhythm skills with fun exercises. Lessons will also be focused on learning the basics of music theory, creating a solid technical base and paying special attention to having a relaxed and healthy posture. We will focus on finding a good posture with a relaxed and flexible bow and left-hand technique in the case of the cello, and on creating a solid technical base working on agility and dexterity during the piano lessons. My academic and professional experience has helped me create a teaching method where improvisation is an essential tool for the student. I enjoy working on it from the beginning since it is a perfect way to develop musicality.

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Playing different music genres together

Diversity is a word that goes together with music, especially speaking about musical genres. As a musician, another of my sources of inspiration is to get to know and to learn from different styles, playing and experimenting with music from the classical period until the most avant-garde style. During the lessons, we will play pop, jazz, classical and many other styles. I would like to explore the instrument with the student in a fun way, growing, improving, and discovering new ways of making music together. Playing together is also a basic for my teaching method. During the lessons the students and I could play together, either playing some duos with the cello or accompanying them with the piano, which is an activity that I really enjoy. Playing together with more people and with a polyphonic instrument from the beginning will give the student clues to learn how to play in ensembles and listen to all the different voices that can be part of any musical composition.

Do you want to discover all the possibilities that the cello offers? Or maybe you prefer to explore the piano and learn to play your favorite tunes? I am looking forward to meeting you in one of my lessons and help you achieve your goals.

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