Angelina Parkhoniuk

Zangles in Rotterdam Centrum en Albrandswaard


Hello! My name is Angelina, I’m Ukrainian singer, songwriter and a vocal coach with 5+ hands on experience of vocal pedagogy. Why did I choose the music and how did I start this way?
I loved to sing from the childhood and all the time dreamed of becoming a singer! That’s why in the begining I started singing in the choir, perform in a different singing competition and concerts. It was very exiting and developed many useful personal qualities and skills! That’s why when I finished school I decided enrol to a famous Ukrainian Music college named after Glier and graduated it with a honour. There I started my professional path and my pedagogy activity with children and adults, was a coach of popular teen-pop band “High Up 5”, my students were winners and participants of singing compettitions and festivals. After college i enrolled to a Bachelor to “pop vocal and pedagogy of teaching vocals” and it was my best decision! At the same time, I founded a music band with a girl from my university and released 2 music albums together! Now I graduated my Bachelor and now because of life circumstances brought me to the Netherlands. I enrolled to Master to Codarts to “pop vocal” department, continue teaching vocals here and I’m looking forward to see you soon on our lessons.

  • You will get not only good voice and music but intellectual grow! Because when we start doing something new, it forms new neural connections, which will be positively reflected even in everyday life!
  • Lesson duration 60 min for adults and children.
  • Personal approach specially for YOUR voice.
  • It will change all your life and people around you as you wish.
  • 2 locations: equipped studio in the heart of Rotterdam or a home studio in Poortugaal.


Singing Lessons

Do you think that learning to sing is only for people who were born with “talent”? Well it’s not! Singing is a skill – and can be taught – and I have proven it 1,00 of times. If you are here – then you have a goal to improve your voice and sound beautiful. We can make it together! As a vocal coach I will be glad to direct you on the right path. I will open your voice, improve your singing skills and confidence, teach you how to use your breath and voice correctly.

How are our classes going?

  • We are starting with a breathing excersices, relax our body and mind, learn the correct brerathing for singing.
  • Voice warming up: we are doing special vocal, diction and articulation exercises which will contribute your voice development.
  • Then we are working at creative material, for example it can be one of your favourite song!
  • All the time we are on a positive wave, we get rid of the clamps in the voice and body, learn how to sound fully confident.

Online vocal classes

You can achieve a great results in singing even without leaving your home. I provide online lessons in Zoom. You just need a good Internet and desire!


Vocal Lessons for children

I offer vocal classes for a little singers. Children learn new information very quickly, that’s why our lessons s will be a great contribution to the child’s future. We will practice rhythm and listening exercises, vocal chants and start to learn a songs. Our classes will be held in a fun and playful way, so it will be not only useful for development, but also exciting!


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