Nadia Basurto

Zangles en groep - zang volwassenen 31+ in Den Haag Scheveningen

Inspire, and get inspired

I am mainly a jazz and world music singer, graduated Cum Laude by the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in 2012. Since music is always the compass to my actions, it brought me a vast experience in performing and teaching in very different countries. Teaching is a way to keep connected to your instrument at a very special level. Getting to guide and inspire, and get inspired by others in what my passion is, is a great reward.I’m having a solo career in which I have solely a jazz repertoire in with which I perform in different formats. Besides from that, I participate in different projects that vary from classic projects like ‘Bach in de Bagger’ to Naftule, an original music journey that mixes jazz, flamenco and klezmer with poetic and surrealistic lyrics in different languages. I am an enthusiastic person who is looking forward to help achieve the musical goals of whomever would like to join the journey! See you soon!

Bossa nova and bolero

Passion and drive are the best tools to dive into music! In the lessons we will explore our own voice and help to bring it out by learning the qualities we posses, and the use of the necessary tools to improve what we need in order to reach our goal. Also, we will learn exercises that will help us connect the chest and the head voice. The kind of repertoire that can be worked on is up to the student. In order to work on some rhythmical, melodic and technical aspects, we might use some jazz songs like bossa nova and bolero. This is also my specialty together with improvisation.

Vocal lesson: what are we going to do?

A lesson consist of breathing exercises, warming up exercises adapted to the level of the student and work on the repertoire that the student wants to focus on. First of all, there will be a basic knowledge on the selection of the key of the song. You have to learn your range in order to deliver the best interpretation of the song. Then lyrics, expression and the phrasing will be the most basic start. After that we’ll stress on the parts that are more challenging. For the first lesson, the student can bring a song of his or her choice and then, let’s sing!

New lesson program!

Do you have a duo or a small band? Do you want to learn how to better communicate with the rest of musicians and work on your repertoire specifically?

I’m offering coaching lesson for small format bands, improve the musicianship of the singer in the band, work on interpretation, styles, small arrangements and technical aspects in the stress peaks of the songs.

The lesson consists of 3 parts and lasts 1,5 hours, recommend to do it twice a month.

  •  Warm up, vocalise over changes and different keys.
  •  Exposition of the song[s] to work on and work on the melody, words and phrasing.
  •  Conclusions, apply the recommendations working per sections and work on memorising lyrics and form, how to express a message and work on variations. (ornamental use of voice, runs, improvisation).

The parts of the lesson are flexible and depending on the level and the specific requirements. The use of tools as solfege, rhythm skills and ear training will be part of the procedure to achieve the musical freedom or simply enrich the interpretation.

It’s a fun, dynamic and ear opening kind of course!

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