Madi Iezzi

Zangles en gitaarles in Rotterdam Delfshaven en via videoles


Hi I’m Marinella and I am a professional singer, producer and songwriter.

I’m extremely passionate and enthusiast music professional and my work describes me better than any word! So you can check it out here:


ME AS A VOCAL COACH, what can you expect from me?

When I teach, I love blending what I find more useful of all the techniques I learned for improving your breathing, your vocal power, and musicality! You can expect us to go together throught your favourite repertoire and even further! Because we’ll go together beyond your comfort zone so that you can become a better user of your instrument! Also, following what are your main interests, we can go deeper into music theory (reading as well!) and anatomy of the larynx.


Yes! I included in my students path also recording sessions in my home studio!

Because recording and listening  sessions are extremely important for singers and artists in general to gain a better understanding of your own instruments and how is placed in a song!

Recording, mixing and sound engineering are my passions next to teaching and songwriting (aren’t they all connected after all?), so then I decided to start a course in music production and sound engineering at the Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam, which is what I’m currently studying. Due to my this what you can expect from me are recording sessions where we will record you own songs! Or if you feel more of an interpreter, we will record your favourite songs! Don’t worry you’ll be guided step by step in the whole process and what you get in the end is a demo of yourself ! We will make one at the beginning of the course and one after 6 months to check your improvements!


There’s always a first time! Is it the same for you and a guitar? We can start together! Also, following what are your main interests, can go more in-depth into music theory (reading as well!).
We are gonna talk about music from the very start, and understand every step necessary to reach your goals!
I’m gonna give you the tools to read tabs, pop sheets, and much more!

Get it touch for more infos peeps!

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