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Thuisstudio Bonaventurastraat, Rotterdam
Lucie Lelaurain LL
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I started music at the age of 8, with the flute. Passionate about all traditional music, I have been traveling for several years to train myself in these different kinds of music. I lived for two years in Turkey, and I decided to come and settle in Rotterdam, to start the conservatory at Codarts in Turkish music. Since 4 years I also played the Armenian duduk, this instrument allowed me to go deeper into the music of the Middle East.

With me you will not work on classical music, but I will take you into the worlds of jazz, and traditional music, and how to play music really in style, with in-depth work on ornaments. My lessons will be based a lot on improvisation and the work of the musical ear, which are for me the fundamentals of music.

Transverse flute

The main course that I am going to offer is the transverse flute. (I have been playing the flute for over 20 years, I studied in a first conservatory and today I resumed my studies at Codarts, with the duduk as the main instrument) With the flute, we will work on the instrumental technique , and breathing. We will start each class with a small improvisation session. My goal is to bring the student into the style he or she wishes to develop. I can of course suggest several things but it is always more interesting to follow the wishes of the student. I would give him/her tools to develop his/her technique and his/her working endurance. To make him/her more and more free in the music he or she wishes to interpret. I would also work on musicality, how to interpret a work by putting feelings in it.

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I also did a lot of solfege during my studies, so i can also in addition give lessons of solfege, on the basis of harmony, with the different scales and chords.

Learn to read music and develop your ear.


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