Fernan Mejuto

Muziekproductie, latin percussieles, songwriting, muziektheorie, pianoles en drumles in Den Haag Laak en via videoles

A bit of myself…

Shortly, I have never stopped studying since I was 8 years old. I’ve graduated on classical percussion on Jazz vibraphone and currently finishing my masters on how to play vibraphone and keys at the same time. Trough this time I’ve been participating in classical orchestras ( Orquesta Gaos, Joven Orquesta Sinfonica de Galicia,…) on different percussion festivals as a player and as a teacher ( Perkulliria, FIP Agolada,…) and on many different style bands ( Skarallaos, GHASS, Fhree, Qando Vand,…). Currently working with MAMIHLAPINATAPAI, a very personal world music project here in The Netherlands.


The moment of engagement between the performer and the listener is the most intense feeling I’ve ever felt. It is a very unexpected moment, it just happens, and there you are holding your instrument in front of people you are sharing your performance with. Suddenly everyone is waiting for you to continue the story you have been telling, and everyone is just at the same time in the same place, and you have what they need: a message they want to hear, and they know you will share it with them. So once you do, you reach that sensation, that moment, and what happens afterward is magic! It is absolutely incredible how one, a hundred or even thousands of humans, can be on hold for the same message, and once it is delivered, they just feel it the same exact way as you do.

Reaching your goals

This sensation is not only happening in performance but also in a teaching situation. I’ve been teaching for some year from children to adults, and I discovered that if you put all your energy all your love and passion and you give it all as a teacher or as a student, you can reach this magical communication levels! Which makes a lesson such an experience! That is why, as a teacher, I am mostly focused on creativity, and trough it, the discoveries of your instrument always basing this process on your goals and ambitions, which are the most essential pillars of a musician!!

I would be happy to teach you:

Music Production

For any skill levels and backgrounds. My goal it’s to make your music sound the way you want and to help you out through the creative experience, using any platform/ software you are already using! I’ve been already producing and helping producers, bands, and musicians for a while, I’ll be thrilled to share my knowledge with you too!

  • Ableton, Logic, Reaper, Studio One, and any other DAW
  • How to compose/produce being aware of the final result you want to achieve
  • The use of the electronic and analog instrument
  • Production techniques to create the final touch

Keyboards & piano

  • For beginners on classical music and all levels on jazz or any other modern style
  • Electronics and music software
  • How to record yourself
  • How to compose music (pop, funk, jazz, Latin, etc.) by using a computer
  • How to create beat music
  • How to use a looper and other digital effects
  • Discovering the world of plug-ins and virtual instruments
  • What is music production and how to use it?


For all levels and style, from classical percussion to world music.


For all levels and style, mostly focused on jazz


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