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Beste muziekliefhebbers, ik nodig jullie graag uit voor mijn lessen piano, zang en oortraining. Voor alle niveaus. Mijn doel is om van het leerproces een prettige en quality time te maken.

Anna Frank is a versatile pianist, arranger and music educator based in The Netherlands.

She began playing piano at the age of 6. Musically influenced by nationally honored teachers on piano and conducting in the Academic Musical College of Moscow Conservatory, her focus switched to jazz piano.

Anna studied with top European jazz pianists Giorgos Kontrafouris (Greece, Ionian Music Academy), Frank Giebels (Netherlands, Maastricht Conservatorium), Miguel Rodriguez (Netherlands, Codarts University For The Arts), UNESCO artist Etibar Asadli (France) and many more.

Passionate about ethno-jazz, she arranged her life-music journey through the Balkan countries, Greece, Caucasia and Europe, where she studied ethnic music and jazz piano. 

Anna Frank developed a unique curriculum for the specialization "oriental piano" - crossover between jazz piano and traditions of eastern makam and mugham. She is currently working on the music documentary film "Roots Of The Piano-Mugham Style".

Rich rhythmic patterns and melancholic melodies of the East, dissolved in the improvisational and harmonic possibilities of Western music - this is what inspires her creativity, and what she gladly shares with her listeners and students.

Anna strongly believes that music should be studied through playing and singing, while theoretical explanations should be kept to a minimum and complement live sound. The reverse way - from theory to the instrument or voice - is never effective. She observed this philosophy when learnt from both jazz musicians and ethnic music performers.

Her teaching supports the same approach. Being not only a pianist, but a professional vocalist, Anna encourages her students to gain music freedom and deep knowledge of harmony and rhythms through vocalization and playing piano. 

Structured way of presenting information, deep knowledge of methodology in jazz pedagogy and huge research experience made it possible to creat effective courses for jazz music education.

Being aware of the fact that jazz harmony, creating spontaneous piano arrangements and accompaniment, harmonic ear training are a stumbling block for many music lovers and players who can't truly express themselves and reach their music goals,

she was motivated to creat a series of courses "Hands-And-Ears For Jazz Harmony. Part I. Easy learning with a clear method" and "Hands-And-Ears For Jazz Harmony. Part II. Grow your repertoire fast" - published on the platform Udemy, in order to help others tell their musical stories. 



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You will learn:

  • classical pianistic finger technique
  • jazz pianistic finger technique
  • repertoire depending on your personal demand either in jazz or classical music
  • piano improvisation
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 Proposed method focuses mainly on the development of the harmonic ear and motor stereotypes.

If you know how to play and recognize the sound of a chord progression, you will be able to put it into words yourself and automatically give a theoretical explanation.

The reverse way - from theory to the instrument - is never effective. 

You will learn: 

  • to play must-know jazz progressions in commonly used voicings for performing solo and in ensemble
  • to hear chord tones in given harmonic structures
  • develop your skills of spontaneous harmonic arrangement of a melody
  • start to understand harmonic skeleton of many tunes not only in jazz, but in classical music and any other genres
  • will be able to accompany yourself and play in combo
  • will learn to release inner resistance for practicing and stop procrastination
  • will learn about effective ways to return and sharpen your focus when you are distracted


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Because of the effective methodology and premium techniques that I use at the lessons, we reduce the time of studying music theory and harmony to several months instead of several years .This means that you will be able to enjoy playing and sharing your music publicly much faster. 

We focus on hearing and playing on the piano most common progressions and building blocks of any tune in any genre. You will do it in concrete chordal voicings that you will be able to imediately apply to any jazz standard or your own accompaniment of a favorite tune. From practice to theory.


During our lessons you will learn: 

  • unique effective warm-up exercises that activate all your resonators and focus your voice
  • you will get acquainted with centuries-old traditional warm-up technique of indian music that helps to  increase the flexiblity of your voice and expand your range
  • you will get a clear approach and path on how to train and develop your voice further without a teacher