Ana Marquez Gonzalez

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Ana Marquez Gonzalez

Would you like to start learning right away? Spare violin available for trial lesson!

I am Ana Marquez (23 years old), violinist and music teacher from Spain based in the Netherlands, currently completing my studies at the HKU Utrechts Conservatorium with the violinist Elisabeth Perry.

I began my musical education at the age of 6 in Málaga, my hometown. I followed the Suzuki method from an early age, but I am also familiar with other methods such as the Paul Roland method or the Yehudi Menuhin method. Through my musical career, I have been inspired and influenced by many great musicians who have mentored and taught me.  What I hope to offer my students is the ability to expand their vision and love of music, to help them find the music they want to make, play and experience. A technical side will be developed but a creative, performing and musical treatment will also be present in my lessons. From classical to jazz.

My goal is to show children how beautiful music can be. And fun!

All of these categories are open to everyone regardless of age:

Violin lessons: classical training

In this course I offer classical music lessons from beginners to advanced students. Would you like to learn all about Bach, Mozart, Paganini or Beethoven?

For the students who just started playing violin or that are about to start I will use my own teaching method. For the students who already have experience and they are in a medium/advanced level I tend to go into detail and focus the lessons in their own repertoire wishes.

Beginning students: At the beginning of the lesson I have a chat with the student about their wishes in classical music, what they expect from my lessons and I explain the principles of violin learning, how my lessons work and the different methods I follow with the students depending of their music skills (whether they read music or not, whether they have a sharp sense of hearing, rhythm, creativity… etc). All possibilities can be discussed beforehand.

)Medium/Advanced students can prepare a piece of their own choice and we will work on it among other aspects.

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Jazz violin lessons

Jazz for beginners. Have you ever felt like playing jazz while jamming with your friends but you didn’t know how to introduce the violin in style? That’s a very clear example of how versatile the violin can be. In this course I can teach you how to improvise in bebop and gypsy jazz style or even find your own style as an improviser! For this course a medium/advanced level is required, technical skills are needed (scales and arpeggios from first to third position at least) and knowledge of the instrument in order to move around the finger board freely.

Flamenco course. Performing and getting to know this genre in a deep level is exciting. If you ever go improvising over the different ”palos” in flamenco for sure you have an amazing sense of rythm and musicality. Not only playing but also theory is taught in this course.

Languages possible in my lessons: Spanish, English, Dutch, Japanese


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